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The sun was sweltering hot in Barbados. Mira was wearing the standard European outfit, the heavy long dress with petticoats and other impractical layers, and as a result was sweating profusely. She jealously eyed the sparsely clad women that were going about their business in Bridgetown, wishing she could adopt the thinner, lighter clothing style.

But her father insisted that she dress properly. Mira had led a sheltered life in Paris, and that had not changed during their brief stay in the Caribbean. She was 19 years old and had only had one suitor back in Pairs; she was still a virgin and her father was determined to make sure she stayed that way until she married.

They reached the docks and saw their ship. Trunks were being loaded up, including those belonging to Mira and her father. The ship would leave in an hour, and Mira was excited to finally be leaving the raw, unsophisticated atmosphere of the wild Caribbean islands.

Suddenly Mira stopped and stared at a completely unfamiliar sight. A number of women, naked and chained with collars, stood on the dock next to another sailing vessel. The hot sun shown on their naked flesh, the sweat making it slightly shiny.

All the women were young, perhaps Mira's age. They stood with downcast eyes, waiting for something. They were chained together, and were completely naked, something that Mira had never seen before; the only completely nude body she had ever seen was her own.

"Father... father... what... what is that?"

Mira's father looked, and then turned away. "Don't look at it, Mira. Those are slave girls. There is an active slave trade in these islands, and... well, girls like that sometimes appear and are sold in the slave markets."

Mira couldn't help but stare, though. The women looked... strangely sensual, in spite of their circumstances. She couldn't help but be fascinated.

A sailor from the other ship came and dragged one of the slave girls to the side, at the end of the docks. Mira watched as the girl was forced to her knees in front of the sailor, who then dropped his pants. Mira's mouth also dropped, for she had never seen a male member before, and then suddenly, there is was. Standing out, hard and full and straight. She had no idea they were so large... She gasped as the girl took the man's cock into her mouth and began sucking.

Hearing her gasp, Mira's father turned, saw, and rapidly moved Mira away, onto the ship. "You should not be looking at things like that, Mira!"

But Mira could not get the image of the women's nakedness out of her head, or of the way the man shoved his large member into the woman's mouth. She had taken so much of it... down... deeply. Into her throat.

Mira tried it one day on the ship. Remembering what the slave girl had done, she took a sausage and tried sliding it into her throat. She gagged and immediately pulled it out. She couldn't imaging doing that.

Though... she lay in her bunk every night, thinking about it, and touching herself between her legs, in her special place. Only women were given their own cabin on board ship, and Mira made use of the privacy. She thought about the chained girls and what might happen to them; what was being done to them right that moment.

She didn't understand it, but she wanted it. She fantasized about being naked on the dock, chained, then taken aside and used. The embarrassment of her thoughts made her flush, but it also stimulated her imagination even more.

The image of naked women and the thought of men taking them, using them... it filled her mind. She watched the men on board ship as they sailed north. She observed the bulge in their pants, and noticed that sometimes, when the sailors looked at her, their bulge became larger.

She knew now what the bulge was, and what could be done with it. And she wanted it. She fantasized about being taken as she masturbated each night, and then one night... she did it.

It was the second mate, by far the most handsome of the crew. A strapping young man. Quietly, discreetly, Mira seduced the young sailor. It didn't take a lot of effort. She was the only young woman on board, and the second mate was like most sailors-- constantly horny. Mira showed him some cleavage, brushed against him a few times, and finally asked him down to her cabin to look at a broken latch.

She lost her virginity that night, fucking the man in her small cabin. They began by kissing, at first tentatively and then passionately. Once the second mate realized this woman was willing and even eager his hands found their way under her dress, his fingers going to her hardened nipples and eventually to her pussy. When he discovered her wet and her thighs parted, the mate pushed her dress up and his pants down.

At the first contact between his cock and her pussy, she gasped and begged for it.

The first time he entered her they were still mostly clothed. The second time they had managed to get most of their clothing off, and were sweating naked in the heat of the lower cabin as their bodies rubbed against each other.

It was different than she thought, the feeling of having another person pushing up inside of her. But she also had the wonderful, full body, shaking waves of orgasmic pleasure... and then another.

The next day everything changed. Mira had lost her virginity and wanted more. She was already wanting the second mate to slip into her bedroom and between her legs again that night. Alas, it was not to be.

Instead, they were boarded by pirates.

The pirate ship overtook them about noon, and everyone was terrified. Her father sent her below decks, and told her to hide. Mira did as she was told, but was curious... what would happen to her if the pirates knew of her existence? Would she end up on some dock, naked and chained? Used by men how they pleased? It was the stuff of her fantasies, though the reality of it now made her afraid. She did not actually want to be a slave. Taking a young first mate in her bedroom was one thing. Chained and forced to take any man... that was another.

The pirates boarded their ship and rounded up everyone except Mira, who was hiding. They demanded money. What little money they had was turned over. The ship was hauling passengers and had little booty to satisfy the pirates. In anger, they took one of the passengers and threw him overboard, demanding more treasure, more items of value. When nothing came they threw another passenger overboard.

When it came to Mira's father, they demanded more money... and he had none. They dragged him to the railing and he cried out for them to stop. He had treasure... of a kind.

He gave up Mira. Told the pirates where she was hidden. Said they could have her if they let him be. The rough men stormed below, found the cowering girl, and dragged her up to the main deck triumphantly. Mira was truly a catch; a beautiful woman, young, supple, nubile.

Mira was dragged to the pirate's ship, screaming, begging for mercy, ranting against her father, struggling every foot of the way.

Chains were quickly applied to Mira to keep her from charging back across to the other ship.

Mira's fantasy, the one she had masturbated to for the last several nights, had come horribly true.

The first night aboard ship she was given to the pirate captain. His was the right of first use, and he was thrilled to make use of Mira.

He didn't bother stripping her naked. He simply yanked her dress up, tore her top apart, and mounted her in his bed.

Mira lay on the bed, feeling the massive cock enter her, fill her, spread her wide. It felt similar to what she had experienced the night before, but this cock was much bigger and the pirate captain was so much rougher. He hammered into her cunt, jamming himself so deeply she thought he was impaling her.

Even though the rape hurt, it was still close enough to her fantasy that she felt a swelling of pleasure. She moaned, grunted and even hooked her legs up around the captain's hips. Her own hips rocked in rhythm with his thrusts, pushing his cock deeper inside her, rubbing it with her inner flesh.

Mira no longer had to imagine the fantasy of being a sex slave; she was in the pirate captains quarters, legs spread, taking him inside her. She shuddered with increasing pleasure.

But the rape did hurt. Mira's legs were wide apart, and he pushed them wider, stretching muscles that were not that limber. Her cunt was bruised from his hips banging into her. His breath stank, and he insisted on keeping his face close to hers so he could see this young girl's beauty as he banged her.

The next morning she woke in the captain's bed, sore and whimpering. She was bleeding slightly, but at least she was being cared for by the captain, if she was also being used by him. She was the captain's woman, the captain's slave, and it made her feel good to know this.

At noon that day the captain came back into the room where Mira was chained. She waited for him to take her; a mixture of fear and desire swirling inside her.

He ripped the remaining clothes off her, leaving her completely nude. Her clothes were now in shreds, no longer wearable, so he took everything and threw them outside to be used as rags.

He mounted her from behind. Forcing her on all fours on the deck, her ass up in the air, legs spread, he took her from behind.

Mira held her place as best she could, taking the pounding as she had before. It actually felt... good. Not as good as with the second mate, but she was living her fantasy, once again being the captain's whore. The thrusts were so deep, so rough, that Mira felt the air being expelled from her lungs with each thrust. The result was an involuntary grunting noise.

"Uhhg... Ugggh... uuHH... Uhhh... ueehhh.. uihhh..." over and over again the air was pushed from her chest by his cock pounding deep.

As had happened the night before, the captain released a huge load of sperm with a loud grunting.

He left her naked on the floor, pulled up his pants and returned to his ship's duties.

Mira lay on the floor, confused, hurt, bruised, bleeding. This was her fantasy, and she was enjoying it in some ways, but it was rougher and more painful than she had imagined. She also worried about whether the captain would keep her. She had to satisfy him, make him want to come back. She plotted how she would make herself seem sexier, more alluring, and give him greater pleasure. To survive.

It didn't work. It just wasn't enough.

Oh, Mira was ready to seduce and pleasure the captain that evening, but instead she was given to the first and second mates to use as they pleased.

And so she was introduced to the art of the threesome. Taking a cock in her mouth as she had seen the slave do, and spreading her legs to allow the first mate to drive inside her cunt, she did her best. She was a beginner; it was only two days after losing her virginity, but the desire to survive and live is a powerful motivator.

When the two men had finished with her she lay bruised, shaking, bleeding. She had done her duty, but whatever pleasure she had experienced with the captain had fled. She just hurt now, hoping it had been enough to keep her alive.

She was naked and in chains, just as the slave girl's she had seen on the dock. She was servicing men as their pleasure, just like the slave girls on the dock.

She awoke the next day to the pirate ship's first mate shaking her and dragging her nude body out of the cabin and onto the main deck. The pirate ship had entered a small cove on an island and was anchored in relatively peaceful waters.

"Ah, whore... time to let the men have their turn. It's been weeks for some of them."

The crew had some free time and it was their turn to take Mira. All twenty five of them. They weren't nearly as gentle as the captain or his mates.

A dozen men surrounded Mira, grabbing her body and pulling her arms and legs apart. She struggled, straining against the force of these men taking her but it was useless. Rough hands felt her body, sliding across every surface of her flesh, probing every hole. Suddenly a cock was inside her cunt, and someone was thrusting; she couldn't see who.

Mira cried out, begging for mercy. There was none. When one man was finished another took his place, pushing into her cunt.

At least after the first two men her insides were so full of men's body fluid that she was slippery; cocks slid inside her without resistance.

The pirate sailors threw Mira around as a plaything, forcing themselves into her cunt, into her ass, and into her mouth. Some of them put their cocks into her hands, demanding that she stroke. She did her best, but it was overwhelming. She couldn't stroke with both hands while taking a cock into her ass, into her cunt, into her mouth.

Some of the sailors tired of her, but there was a never ending supply of new sailors, and the longer it went the rougher they became. The ones that were last were the least senior of the sailors, the ones others had pushed aside. These junior sailors were the dregs, the dirtiest, foulest of the lot.

Mira had no idea how long this lasted; it seemed to go on forever. It got dark, the evening descending, and it was still going on. At one point Mira recognized that the man with his cock in her mouth had been in her cunt some time before... he had come back for seconds.

In despair, Mira screamed out, begging once again for mercy from the continuous, hour's long rape. As another cock slid into her mouth she screamed, and bit down.

The sailor screamed and struck her across the face. Her head was ringing the world spinning. Another cock entered her mouth. She no longer had control and her jaw was loose. The banging of cocks in her ass and cunt meant her jaw flopped around... and she bit the man's cock again.

"She's biting cocks!" Shouted one of the pirates in anger. "I'll teach her to fight back!"

With amazing speed, one of the sailors tied her wrists together and hoisted her up so she was dangling from a rope pulling her arms over her head. The rape had stopped, though one of the men had his fist up inside her pussy. It ached horribly. Her body was slick with sperm and blood.

Mira hung by her wrists, the pain in her shoulders nothing; her entire body hurt, especially her jaw, stomach, cunt and ass. She knew her flesh had been torn, split by the constant penetration. But for now, she was simply grateful to be hanging unmolested.

The pirates backed away and the second mate whipped her.

Mira had never felt such pain in her life. The whip was ten feet long, a supple braided leather that wrapped around her body and stripped flesh like a knife. She screamed, jerked and writhed, but there was nowhere to go. No way to protect herself. The last struck her white flesh again and again, leaving red long, deep red stripes where it kissed her skin.

Blood streamed down her flesh from these new wounds, mixing with the semen, saliva and blood from earlier wounds. Her flesh was shiny, as if she had been doused with water. Each stroke of the whip sent splatters of fluid flying.

After a while she fainted.

When she woke she was still hanging from her wrists. She could no longer feel her hands; they were completely numb. She could not move her fingers. The captain was staring at her.

"Too bad they handled you so rough. You might have brought a pretty penny in Port-au-Prince. Aecchh... they deserved it. It's been long since they've had a woman."

He turned his back on her and walked away.

"What shall we do with her boys? She's used up!" cried the first mate.

Several men shouted, "Overboard!" "Fish food!" "Leave her hanging there!"

The second mate cried out, "Nail her to the bow! She'll be our figurehead!"

"Aye! Aye! Make her our figurehead!" Shouted the crew.

Mira was only half aware of what was happening, but she knew it wasn't good. She tried to beg for mercy, a croaking plea escaping her split and bloody lips. It had no effect.

She was brought down and laid on the deck. A board was obtained from below and put beneath her head. Strong arms grabbed her arms and stretched them out, tying her wrists to the wooden beam.

She tried to struggle but it was completely useless. Weakness from the day's abuse had taken her.

"Nail her, else she come loose!" Shouted someone.

Horrified, Mira watched as two long spikes were brought to her and placed next to her wrists. "Aye, that's it!" shouted the navigator. "Secure her fast!"

A spike was placed against her left wrist. Tears were streaming down her face as she watched a sailor raise a mallet and then strike the spike a sure blow.

The pain was worse than anything she had experienced. Her entire arm seemed to explode in searing agony and she screamed, loud and long. Staring at the blue sky and clouds above her, she kept screaming until blows had secured her left wrist to the board.

The process was repeated on her right wrist and her screamed continued until she lost the strength to scream.

They hauled her up then, brought her to a standing position, though several hands had to hold her there. She was unable to stand on her own. She was dragged, feet sliding limply over the deck. The weight of her body pulled on the nails, creating new waves of pain that made her cry and scream and sob. She no longer talked, she no longer had the ability to talk. The rapes, the abuse... it was all behind her now. All she could think of was the horrible throbbing her her arms and shoulders.

Ropes were tied to her ankles and she discovered she was being lowered over the bow of the boat, past the bowsprit, hanging down over the water. The sound of nails being hammered... the board was being fixed to the wooden hull, facing forward.

Mira hung there, looking forward to sea, away from the boat, in agony.

When the beam was secured the ropes on her ankles were pulled back and up, causing her body to be pulled back against the slope of the ship's prow. Her legs spread, one on each side of the ship. They pulled hard, pushing her ass up against the point of the bow, her spine pressing against the ridge as well.

Then she was alone.

The pain was actually slowly spreading, but was not as intense. Her wrists and hands were reduced to a dull throbbing pain, but the pain now spread through her arms into her back and down to her hips. Mira tentatively tried to move, and screamed from the sudden onslaught of agony. Any movement was hell.

So she hung here.

Behind her she could hear the men going about their business; the ship was getting ready to make way.

Below her she saw an occasional drip... drip...  It came from her. It was blood mixed with semen. The liquid remains of a full day of being raped. She hung her head, unable to keep it up any more.

She remained there during the night, hanging in place, listening to the men get drunk on rum, and then finally silence as they all passed out.

She passed out as well, unable to stay conscious. It wasn't really sleep, as the pain was too great to allow her to sleep. The aching cramps had extended all the way down to her thighs now. No, she simply slipped out of consciousness.

She was awakened by sharp pains in her wrists and arms, and in her back. Opening her eyes and squinting in the morning glare, she realize the pain was coming because the ship was moving. They were out of the bay and moving into the open ocean. Waves came rolling toward her and the bow of the ship would descend into the gully between the waves and then hit the next wave with a shuddering splash. This jerked Mira against her nails, causing massive waves of pain as they road the wave up.

The ship would crest, then sink into the next gully, only to strike the next wave, repeating the agony.

She was being jerked violently, the nails actually smashing and eating their way through her muscles and tendons.

Mira was also soaked. Every wave brought spray that covered her, filled her mouth and nose. She couldn't breathe. She struggled to get the salt water out of her head and just as she succeeded the next wave would shoot up compressed water, splashing with force directly up into her nose.

Breathing became a constant ritual of timing, watching the waves, trying to make sure she was ready for the next blast of water.

Screaming from pain was not an option; it just filled her mouth with water and would kill her.

Why was she trying? Mira thought. I am going to die here... but she had to try. Her body would not let her simply give up.

And so she rode the front of the ship, gasping for air, shuddering from cold water mixed with scalding hot sun. Pain from being suspended from nails, pulled back against the hull.

Mira's breasts pointed forward at all times. They guided the ship as it moved across the ocean.

She survived two, three days and nights. The first day she defecated and urinated, the ocean spray immediately cleaning her off.

Halfway through the first day someone lowered a bottle of water on a rope for her. She drank desperately, getting the bottle between her teeth and holding it until she drained it. Apparently they didn't want her to die, at least not yet.

Mira wanted to die, though. Her body had become one large bundle of agony, never ceasing. The constant motion of the ship, jerking and thrashing her about, tore into her body. The nails had destroyed all the soft tissue in her wrists and were now grinding against the bone of her ulna and radius. Eventually the nails would tear holes in her wrists large enough they would no longer hold her and she would slip out... except she was still tied to the board.

The combination of nails and rope made her situation permanent. There was no way she would ever come loose.

On the third day they came into port. Mira's body still hung from the ship's bow. Port-au-Prince was friendly to pirates and the slave trade, so the ship's crew saw no reason to take Mira's body down.

On the dock stood a man. Mira's father. He recognized the pirate ship, and looked at the poor, sunburned and dehydrated rag of a girl's naked body tied to the prow. She appeared dead, hanging there as a sign, a warning to others.

He thought for a moment that it might be his Mira; but quickly dismissed that thought. It couldn't be.

Could it?

Mira was not dead yet. She looked up, saw her father. She had no water left in her body for tears. She croaked something indiscernible.

Her father cautiously approached.

She croaked again. "Please.... kill.... me...."

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Frostfire20 said...

Always had a fantasy of doing this to a poor girl...

Well done Polly. Very well written. I miss your older work with men in control. But can you switch up your current femdom material with a lesbian one?

Like the True Submissive blog but entirely women. How would one go about enslaving a women? Men are proven to be fairly easy: just provide lots and lots of sex while sloooowly applying more control and denying them more pleasure.

But how does a woman do that to another woman? There's no obvious pain center to use like Isabel's ballcrusher. And it seems like there'd be a line with nipple torture, as if applying pain and Pavlov's dog to the organ that generates orgasms is important to a slave's training... somehow.

Idk, I'm really interested in the psychological side of it. Sold into Slavery is more an example of breaking someone rather than indoctrination into submission---as Isabel, Accidental Sex Slave and Cuckhold do.

Can you do an update with Marc? Since you seem to be tired of writing about men in power, and you explicitly stated his new mistress to be especially cruel/sadistic (via Isabel, no less), I'm interested to see how deviant and harsh your mind can truly be.

Developing someone into a slave is a neat thing to read, but I'd argue that it's more interesting to take someone already that low, and then push them far beyond what would be considered sane submission.