Sunday, January 10, 2016

Rome World

Alisha lay on her back, legs spread and ankles hooked around the muscular glutes of the buff slave as he thrust his cock deep into her with increasing speed and force.  Her hips rocked and thrust as his rather large cock penetrated deep inside her, and the flush of an orgasm spread from her pussy, rapidly taking her entire body into a shuddering climax.

Sensing her sexual ecstasy and timing his own climax perfectly, the handsome slave thrust hard, deep, and began the spasms of a massive ejaculation.

Only when Alisha relaxed, enjoying the dissipating glow of sexual climax, did the male slave slowly wind down his own obvious orgasm, relaxing, slowly slipping out of Alisha's wet sex, and then rolling to the side where he held Alisha caringly.

"Wow..." Alisha said in a guttural tone. This was the third time that night. The slave was insatiable and yet somehow... observant and caring of Alisha's needs. Of course, he was an android, a robot programmed to serve guests of Rome World's needs, a pleasure model in this case. He could probably go all night if Alisha wanted it.

Alisha was a beautiful woman, beautiful enough to have any man she wished, but somehow the absolute freedom and excess of Rome World and safety of its androids made it a cut above, something special that she was enjoying tremendously.

"You are the most perfect woman..." the slave said in an adoring tone. "Never have I had such pleasure."

"You ain't bad yourself, uh... what is your name?" Alisha turned on her side, looking at the slave's handsome, chiseled face and slightly purple, unnatural eyes.

"Aurelius, miss."

Alisha could feel semen seeping from between her legs and run down her thigh. She'd never had as much sperm inside her as she had right that moment, from fucking this slave three times in the last two hours. The nice thing was she could have all the unprotected sex she wanted with this slave and never worry about disease or getting pregnant; it was just a robot, after all. The semen, while it looked and felt very realistic, wasn't real.

The heavy wood door of the room sprung open and Alisha's friend Sarah barged in.

"Alisha! There's an orgy forming down the street at Maximus' place! It's got food, wine, and ... oh. Sorry." Sarah skidded to a halt at the scene before her.

"No, no, it's ok. I'm done here. Thanks for everything Aurelius, but I'm hungry."

"Of course, miss," the slave rose, his semi-erect member still sticking out and bouncing slightly as he withdrew from the room.

Alisha dressed quickly and followed Sarah out to the street. It was nearly midnight, but Rome World was busiest at night when most of the debauchery took place. During the day guests could go see recreations of gladiator combat, and even see Christians or slaves fed to hungry lions. Rome World was definitely a 21 years and up resort. Adults only.

The orgy was amazing. Alisha and Sarah were one week into their two week vacation, and never wanted to leave. The food was great, especially when it was fed to the guests by willing, sex-starved slaves. Alisha found herself laying with her head in the lap of a young man feeding her grapes and wine. She could feel the slave's erection under her head.

Across the room Sarah was busy with two male slaves, both penetrating her as she grunted and moaned. Orgies at Rome World were for those that enjoyed some aspect of public sex; either watching or engaging in it. Alisha had learned to enjoy both in the week she had been there.

In order to assure guests did not mistake other guests for Rome World androids, the androids all had a subtle difference. Their eyes were tinged purple. In this way, guests would not inadvertently end up having sex or engaging in swordplay with another guest. Unless they wanted to, of course.

Alisha was awakened by some noise the next morning while the morning sun was streaming in through high open windows at the top of the walls surrounding the courtyard. A few slaves were roaming about, slowly cleaning up the mess from the previous night's orgy. Partially eaten food, wine carafes spilled on the floor, discarded clothing littered the floor and couches. A number of half clothed or naked guests lay around, sleeping off the previous night's debauchery and excess.

The sound that awakened Alisha was a new one that she had not heard in Rome World before. The sound of angry shouting, some thuds, and cries of pain. She got up, her head suddenly exploding with the pain of a hangover from all the wine she had drunk. She staggered over to where Sarah lay naked, arms around a female slave. Sarah had discovered her bisexual side here at Rome World, and had freely begun having sex with as many female slaves as she could.

"Wake up, Sarah, wake up. There's something going on." Alisha shook her friend.

Sarah slowly woke, "huh... what? What's going on?"

She shook off the female slave, who got up and began joining others that were cleaning up quietly.

"Outside, let's go see."

The two naked women staggered outside to the main road, a stone highway that ran through the center of the city of Rome, the center of Rome World. There they observed six roman soldiers beating a couple of male slaves.

The scene was surprising and a little out of place. The slaves were cowering, attempting to get up and walk away, but the soldiers would grab them and continued beating them until blood appeared. The soldiers then began putting chains onto the two male slaves, who were no longer acting normally; they were vibrating around as if some internal servo mechanism had failed.

A naked male guest came out from Maximus' house, from the same orgy Alisha had attended. He saw the abuse the soldiers were dealing out, and reacted by going over to the soldiers and attempting to stop them.

"Hey, hey... this isn't right. Those slaves are pleasure slaves, not Christians or gladiators, stop that!"

In response, one of the soldiers turned to the male guest, then struck out with the butt end of his spear, catching the guest in the stomach, knocking him to the ground where he curled up in a fetal position groaning.

"Whoa..." said Sarah. "I don't think that's supposed to happen."

The soldiers left the male slaves on the ground where they continued to vibrate and thrash around uncontrollably. They approached the male guest, and chained him. Four of the soldiers approached Alisha and Sarah, and grabbed them.

"Hey! HEY! No! Stop that, we are gues------" Sarah's protests were cut off when one of the soldiers struck her, knocking her to the ground unconscious.

Alisha tried to wriggle free, but the android soldier's grip was far too tight. "Stop! Stop! Guest! No, stop!"

Alisha's brain exploded in pain as a spear struck the side of her head and she lost consciousness.

When Alisha regained consciousness, it was to the sound of thuds and screams. She slowly opened her eyes to stare directly up into the bright sky, the glare of the sun overhead making her squint. It was a hot day in Roman World, and Alisha's head felt like it was going to dissolve from all the pain.

She tried to get up to see what the screaming was about, but couldn't. Her arms were spread out and felt like they weight a ton. She rolled her head to the side with some effort and discovered there was nothing wrong with her arms; they were tied to some sort of wooden beam. That's why she couldn't lift them.

Just beyond her left arm she observed the source of the screaming. It was Sarah. She was laying on a similar wooden beam, arms out and tied down. A roman soldier was kneeling next to her right arm, close to Alisha. He was pounding a huge spike through her hand.

With each thud of the spike, Sarah let out another scream.

Thud. Scream.

Thud. Scream.

With the last thud the spike was in all the way, and Sarah stopped screaming, reverting to simply sobbing and trying to speak. She was unintelligible.

Raising her head up and looking around frantically, Alisha saw they were next to the dirt road that lead into the city of "Rome", just outside it. A number of romans were gathered around them, observing the scene.

Across the road Alisha saw the young male guest that had followed them into the street. He was hanging from a cross, his arms spread wide and feet nailed so that his knees bent and exposed his genitals. He was sagging down, breathing and writhing slightly, but not moving very much. A group of romans were at his feet, observing him closely.

Right next to her, there was another thud, and Sarah began screaming again. Thud. Scream. Agonized screams like nothing Alisha had ever heard before.

Alisha saw the stud she had fucked the night before, standing close by.

"Aurelius! Help! Please help me!"

The handsome male slave came over, his purple eyes glowing slightly.

"Yes, miss," he said compliantly, and began opening his toga to expose his hardened member.

"No, no, you have to release me! Untie me, help me get out of here!"

Aurelius knelt and forced Alisha's legs apart and then jammed his very large and literally rock hard cock into Alisha's cunt. She wasn't ready, wasn't aroused, and his cock wasn't just erect like a human, it was hard like steel and damaged her as the android forced it in. She screamed from the pain, and the slave began thrusting.

"NO! AAAAHHHH!!!" Alisha was screaming as the android slave raped her violently, his huge, expanded cock far beyond anything her body was designed to take thrusting and ripping her insides. The android shuddered in robotic orgasm and shot a huge load of simulated semen into Alisha's vagina.

But Aurelius didn't stop. He didn't even slow down. He just kept thrusting, pushing, damaging Alisha, fucking her with that steel-like dildo that served as his simulated penis.

Sarah had stopped screaming, though the fact did not enter Alisha's consciousness. She was just trying to cope with the pain of Aurelius' rape.  Nearby, someone else began screaming accompanied by distant thuds. And then, just as Aurelius entered another simulated orgasm and began pumping simulated semen into Alisha's cunt once again, she felt the sharp bite of an iron spike on her right wrist.

Thud.  Alisha screamed when the spike shattered her wrist, the pain far worse than anything Aurelius was causing between her legs.

Thud. The spike cut through nerve and sinew, causing shock waves of agony.

Thud. The spike exited the bottom side of Alisha's wrist and began embedding into the wood below.

Thud. The spike spread the nerves and muscles of Alisha's wrist apart to make room for it's widening girth, smashing sensitive nerves against bone, and then cracking the bone.

Thud. Alisha continued screaming as the spike was embedded securely into the wood.

Aurelius was climaxing a third time, grunting and moaning in simulated sexual ecstasy as he continued driving his cock between Alisha's spread legs. Blood lubricated his hardened cock as he continued raping her.

Alisha saw the soldier that was nailing her to the wood as he crossed over to her left arm. His eyes glowed purple, his face a mask of emotionless purpose.

Managing to find her voice in spite of the agony in her right wrist and between her legs, Alisha begged.

"Please, don't do this. I am guest. I am a real person. This isn't your programming, please.. call humans... noooooOOOO!!!"

Her pleas morphed into husky screams as the second spike kissed the flesh of her left wrist and sank deep between her radius and ulna.

Thud. The bones separated, tendons and nerves smashed but still screaming in pain.

Thud. The bones cracked, the spike cut through the flesh exiting Alisha's arm.

Thud. The spike drove deep into the wood below.

Thud. The spike was secured deep into the wood, the spike all the way in, having totally ruined Alisha's left wrist just as her right had been ruined.

Screaming continued in the distance. Others were going through the same agony, though Alisha was only barely aware. She lay on her back, arms stretched wide, pain shooting from her hands down her arms and across her shoulders. The agony was worse than anything she had imagined she might survive.

Between her legs, Aurelius shuddered and climaxed a fourth time. His simulated semen had ejaculated in such copious amounts a steady stream of white and red flowed from her pussy onto the dirt below. And yet he continued thrusting, pushing, making Alisha's body bounce, causing her nailed wrists to wriggle and making her grunt and scream in even more pain.

How long she lay there she didn't know. Time had come to a halt and seemed to be moving at the pace of a snail. Aurelius kept thrusting, periodically shaking in a simulated orgasm. He eventually ran out of simulated semen, but kept thrusting and climaxing every two or three minutes in dry orgasms inside Alisha's ruined cunt.

Suddenly, Alisha felt the ropes that had held her secured being untied. For a moment she thought she was being rescued and looked to the side in hope. Two roman soldiers, one at each end of the beam to which she was nailed, were lifting it up. The pulling caused renewed agony as the beam was pulled higher and higher, lifting Alisha's sweaty, shiny, naked torso up into the air.

Aurelius kept trying to thrust and fuck Alisha for as long as he could until her hips raised up off the ground, then he suddenly pulled out, stood, and covered himself with his toga as if nothing had happened. He simply observed Alisha as she was lifted off the ground, her feet scrambling under her to gain a foot hold as her nailed arms were raised into the air.

It didn't help; once her arms were high enough for her to stand, they didn't stop; the soldiers lifted the beam up with super human strength, and her feet left the ground.

All the weight of Alisha's body was now placed on the nails that held her arms to the ascending beam. She gasped for breath as new heights of agony spread across her entire upper torso. She wanted to scream, but her voice would not obey. Her body hung out and away from the beam, arms slightly behind and above her head as the beam was lifted higher and then set on something.

It was a post sticking out of the ground just behind her. The beam slid into place, and Alisha was hanging free by just the nails in her wrists. Her feet dangled about two feet above the ground. The soldiers that had lifted her up stepped back and observed her where she hung, with no support at all.

It was hard to breath. Hanging there, her body limply dangling forward, slightly away from the cross, it was difficult to draw a breath, and harder to breath out. Alisha's screams stopped, for the simple reason that she couldn't any more. It was all she could do to keep pulling air in and out.

She didn't dangle there for long. Two soldiers stepped forward and grabbed her dangling feet. By now Alisha was too weak to fight it, so they simply raised her shapely legs, bent the knees and pushed her feet against the rising beam behind her. Her feet were crossed, one on top of another.

A spike tip was positioned over the center of her top foot; she knew what was coming instinctively and winced. It didn't prepare her for the sudden, massive shock of the spiked smashing into the small, sensitive bones of her feet, shattering them into tiny pieces that in turn dug into her foot muscles and nerves. She screamed again, in spite of her inability to breathe.

At last it was done.

Alisha hung on the cross, arms stretched out, feet nailed in place, knees bent and slightly spread. Blood and white fluid mixed and continued to drain from her cunt, dripping down the wood of the cross behind her. Saliva and mucus drooled from her pretty face. Sweat made her flesh shiny, gathered and trickled down her body, following the contours of her feminine shape. Her breasts heaved and stomach flexed as she attempted to keep breathing. Her hips moved slightly in attempts to relieve pressure on various pain points, but eventually stopped, the effort futile.

Alisha's long, agonizing journey toward death had begun.

Slowly able to regain some of her awareness, Alisha lifted her head; straggling hair sticking to the sweat on her face and neck. Across from her, the male from the street hung from his cross in an almost identical manner. She could see his genitals clearly. He was breathing, though otherwise not moving; she noticed with a vague curiosity that his cock was erect and hard.

To her left her friend Sarah hung from a cross, the beautiful shape of her body made even more beautiful as she was stretched and hung from a cross just like Alisha's. She was suffering, making small noises and panting as she hung in place. Her legs seemed to be spread wider apart than Alisha's.

To Alisha's right was another, older woman, a guest that Alisha recognized from the orgy the night before. Her large, sagging breasts hung down and slightly away from her body, which also leaned slightly out and away from the cross to which she was nailed.

Slowly Alisha's gaze traversed the scene along the road leading to "Rome". A dozen crosses or more were erected there, most with men and women dangling. Some of these poor agonized souls were crying out for mercy, begging or sobbing. Most didn't have the strength and were simply trying to deal with the massive amount of pain that was coursing through their bodies.

Why they were there, what had happened to cause this catastrophe, was not in Alisha's mind or any of the crucified. They all were simply trying to cope with the ongoing torment of having their bodies nailed to wooden beams and hung up and exposed.

There were still a few humans laying on the ground, and their distant screams announced that they, too, were in the process of being crucified and would soon join the others.

Romans, all with glowing purple eyes, traveled up and down the road, staring at the crucified and their torment.

The sun traversed the sky, burning Alisha's exposed flesh to a bright red. She sweated profusely, but as the day wore on the sweat slowly stopped. She was losing water, becoming dehydrated quickly.

After a couple of hours of slow agony she urinated, allowing her full bladder to release its contents onto the dirt below. It felt humiliating but she had no choice. She observed the man across from her do the same soon after, though he showed no signs of awareness.

The sun moved slowly, so slowly across the sky as Alisha simply hung from her cross. Her life and existence was nothing but pain now, her naked body exposed to the elements and the prying eyes of the citizens of Rome. She found the strength to beg a few times; but the Romans with glowing purple eyes that traveled before her on the dirt road and observed the crucified's suffering showed no indication they would help.

Aurelius alone stood before her, simply watching and observing her suffering.

A sound from her left drew her attention. A loud, biological smattering sound. She saw that Sarah had released the contents of her bowels in a loud, wet, splattering mess that covered her legs and the cross below her. The smell briefly wafted over on the breeze.

There were occasional cries and noises of pain from those crucified near her. Alisha herself whimpered, groaned, and sometimes screamed out when she moved. Moving was a bad thing. As bad as the pain was, any movement just made it worse. Still, her body sometimes insisted on trying to move, to escape.

But there was no escape. There was only agony. Agony so searing, so horrible, Alisha found herself losing consciousness from time to time, only to have the pain act to bring her back to awareness.

As the sun slowly set in the west, the sounds of the crucified were slowly diminishing. Alisha looked, and observed that the man across from her did not seem to be breathing any more. She envied him.

A wave of nausea hit Alisha and the limited contents of her stomach erupted from her mouth, spewing out and covering the front of her torso. At the same time, she lost control of her bowels, and with a very loud farting noise a gallon of diarrhea came spurting out of her ass, covering the wooden cross below her and splattering her feet.

The humiliation of being hung naked in public and unable to have any control over herself or her body functions finally overwhelmed Alisha, and she howled in despair and pain, raising her face to the darkening sky.

As the sun set, Alisha hung from her cross with no rational thought left, simply experiencing pain. Her legs had spread wider, exposing her female sex clearly, though blood and white semen no longer flowed from her cunt. The smell along the road from the biological consequences of torturing human beings slowly to death was thick, and Alisha had contributed her own smells to the thick stench. She wanted to die.

Below her, some Romans passed, walking slowly but resolutely out of the city. Alisha observed them dully, but suddenly recognized one of them.

In a croaking voice, she called out.

"Jonathan! Oh... god... Jonathan. Help.. please..." It was a young man, a guest, that she had met during her first day at the resort.

Jonathan looked at her, frightened, made motions to try and get her to be quiet, but Alisha simply croaked on.

"Jonathan, please... call for help.. water... just give me water... "

Purple eyes turned toward Jonathan and the small group of humans that accompanied him. They broke into a run, but it was too late.

Roman androids quickly grabbed and subdued the humans, ripping their clothes off, dragging them down the road toward an area where more empty crosses stood waiting.

Soon, the whumps and screams began again.

Alisha sagged down on her own cross, legs spread wide now, hands shaped like stiff bird claws. Sarah was dead, no longer breathing. The woman to her right still had a rasping breath, but had not moved in an hour. Flies were all over the place, crawling on the dead and living alike. They crawled into Alisha's eyes, her open mouth, her ears. They swarmed the crusty, dried blood between her legs.

Dawn was coming, slowly lighting the eerie and quiet scene on the road to Rome. The men in white hazmat suits triggered flame throwers. Roman androids went up in bubbling, cracking flames everywhere. The streaming flames shot out 10, 15 feet away from the emergency crews, covering the androids where they gathered around the crosses.

The flames surrounded the androids and also shot past them, hitting the crosses just beyond. The flames destroyed the androids, and flickered higher and involved the naked human bodies hanging above.

Occasionally, the flames reached a nude body that reacted to the flames by screaming briefly before being consumed in the charring flames.

One emergency worker stopped in front of the cross from which hung a most beautiful young woman. Her body still glistened slightly from sweat, though the front of it was covered with a crusty, dried vomit. Between her legs was a bloody, pink mess. The worker stood for a moment, observing the beauty of a young girl that once was, and shook his head.

"A shame. A real shame." He said to himself, and then fired the flame thrower at the android male that stood motionless before her.

When the flames had taken hold and the android was fully involved, the flame thrower extended to the beautiful woman. She jerked suddenly at the searing flames, let out a single long scream, and then froze as her flesh caught fire and turned black.

The emergency work shook his head again. "What a shame."

He walked on to the next cross.