Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Paul knew he wasn't normal. He had never been normal. He didn't care. Being abnormal was the only thing that made him feel real. Being a masochist wasn't easy.

It started at an early age, long before he lost his virginity. He tied himself up, and played with bizarre toys. When his parents left him home alone, he took pencils, wrapped socks around them and stuck them up his ass. He started giving himself enemas, each time increasing the amount of water he took in until his stomach was distended and cramped horribly. He masturbated during these times, finding the excitement of immobility and pain merely made the orgasms more intense, more pleasurable. Paul found he loved losing control, and most of all he loved pain. He wanted someone to hurt him. He dreamed of it.

The problem was that very few people were willing to accommodate his fetishes. Girlfriends left him once he started begging for more than just being tied up. He tried the gay community for a while, which got him closer to his desires than anything he had experienced, but in the end there was too much fear and caution. No one wanted to cut him, crush him, squeeze him, penetrate him, or hurt him the way he desired, the way he needed in order to feel as alive as he wanted.

Alice wasn't normal either. When Paul met her at the club he was fascinated by her dark black hair, light skin, multiple piercings, and aggressive attitude. She was anorexically thin, though she was wiry and very strong. Her face was beautiful, in a gaunt, emaciated way. She was hyper, drank heavily, and lost herself in frantic, violent dance at the clubs.

When he had first approached her and tried one of his pickup lines she had literally kicked him in the testicles and walked away. Paul collapsed in a fetal position and watched her incredibly tight jeans as she left.

The next evening he approached her again and thanked her for last night, asking if she was free for a dance. She looked at him with an odd coyness, grabbed his gonads and twisted as hard as she could while pressing her body up against his. Paul whimpered, tears coming to his eyes and he sank to his knees as she continued squeezing as hard as she could. When she finally released him he fell over to his side, curled in a ball on the dance floor, and wheezed "thank you".

She later confessed that what convinced her to start seeing him was the massive erection she had felt during the entire time she was crushing his balls as hard as she could.

A year later Paul lived life at least somewhat satisfied and happy. Alice detested him as a human being, and enjoyed finding new ways to hurt him and humiliate him. He loved Alice because she humiliated him, rejected him and hurt him in imaginative and unexpected ways. She made him do disgusting things, everything from consuming her body fluids to going to the movies while wearing a shock collar that she would activate during chase scenes. They had passionate, frantic sex that involved an equal amount of semen and blood exchange, both coming from Paul. They were a perfect pair and were often seen together at clubs and bars.

One night after Alice had brutally ass fucked Paul with the next in an increasing array of larger and larger dildos, they collapsed in a sweaty heap of naked flesh, intertwined and sated. Alice had reached climax twice and Paul had spurted semen onto the bare sheets of the bed once, when his anus had split and started bleeding from Alice's frantic thrusting. The pain was excruciating for him, which was what had brought both of them to orgasm.

Alice lay close to Paul, holding the dildo strapon covered with his blood and smears of shit. She idly ran it over his chest and face, leaving red and brown streaks.

"You know Paul, I was thinking of maybe getting you a genital lock of some sort. Maybe a male chastity device. I have seen some that work with small spikes on the inside, so if you get an erection, you end up impaling yourself. It might be fun to watch you get aroused. Or try, at least."

Paul grimaced at the thought. "OK..." he said slowly.

Alice grinned. "Yeah. Just the thing."

"You know..." Paul began hesitantly.

"Fucking pussy. Don't tell me that's your limit," Alice looked at him with disgust.

"No. If you wish to do that, it would be my pleasure to suffer for you in that way. I have just been thinking recently.... well, more quite some time, actually..." Paul hesitated again.

"What is it my little bitch?"

"Well. Something I have never had the nerve to really talk about out loud. Except... well, you know me so well. My insides. My desires. Most people would think me crazy," Paul turned his head and kissed Alice. Their saliva mixed as did a bit of Paul's blood and shit from the dildo Alice had rubbed across his lips moments before. They were used to exchanging any and all body fluids.

They broke the kiss and Paul continued. "Ever since I was a teenager, I have been fascinated with crucifixion. I have dreamed about it. Read about it. I know everything about it, how it worked, its variations, the pain, the humiliation, the process, the way people died."

As Paul talked, his cock grew hard. Alice notice this change in him as he talked about the torture. Long before Paul was done talking, his cock was stiff and throbbing. This guy is sicker than I am, she thought. Then she thought... maybe not.

"So," Paul finally got to the point, "I have always dreamed of being crucified. For real. Nailed to a cross, hung up there, in agony. Knowing that I was completely helpless, unable to move from that position, never able to free myself. Simply.... slowly feeling my body deteriorate in agony while others watched."

"Right," Alice said. "And you want me to crucify you. And get arrested and sent to prison for 20 years. I would rather castrate you and make you live with your balls in a jar."

Paul smiled. He loved Alice more than anything in the world.

"We would work it out. An alibi. Cover evidence. I could disappear. No one would know. Except for you, and whomever you invited to watch."

Alice frowned and looked at him. "Watch?"

"Well, yeah. I mean, if you want to. But part of the humiliation is being out on display, having no control over who sees you suffering." Paul's cock continued throbbing. He sighed. "Stupid idea, and I suppose I wouldn't really want it."

"I don't think so. You aren't worth the risk of jail time," Alice said. She straddled Paul and took his hard member in hand pressing the tip against her pussy before sinking down on it. Paul grunted in pleasure as Alice began a slow up and down movement with her hips, leaned forward and slowly squeezed Paul's neck. She didn't cut off his blood flow completely but slowed it down enough his head pulsed and throbbed and he had trouble breathing. He heaved and gasped as the two of them fucked faster and faster, reaching simultaneous screaming orgasms as Alice suddenly released Paul's neck, letting the blood rush back into his brain as she thrust her hips down onto him as hard as she could to feel him deep, deep inside.

"Hey, Paul, are you OK?" The store manager looked concerned and frowned at the bruise on Paul's neck.

"Yeah, sure. I just had a little tussle with a guy over some bitch at a club. It's OK, all straightened out." Paul didn't know if his explanation would satisfy his boss. The bruise was the left over abrasion suffered the other night when Alice had gotten pissed off and strangled him until he passed out.

She was one crazy bitch. He knew she didn't mean it though. She never did. Not really. She just liked to see him squirm, and had a bit of a temper. And liked pain. His pain. Yep, she was a crazy bitch, and he was completely OK with that.

"OK, Paul, but listen. You need to watch yourself, don't get into all these fights. I worry about your safety. Plus, it isn't good for work, I can't have someone servicing customers that looks like he has been beaten up."

"Sure, boss. I know. I will be more careful." Paul pulled his collar up and moved behind the counter. He had been with Alice for a year now, and she was everything he desired. She was like a drug that was terribly bad for him but he simply could not give up. He helped the last customer, and then moved to lock up.

It was late at night when he left the back of the store, the only employee left. The back parking lot was dark except for the one bulb over the back door. His car was alone, at the back of the lot, and he started walking towards it when a truck drove up. It was Alice. He wasn't expecting her, but felt happy to see her when she opened the passenger door and said "Get in."

Alice never asked him. She ordered him around. It could be embarrassing, but it was their relationship and ultimately very fulfilling for him. He got in and closed the door. "My car is over there. Shouldn't I--"

He was cut off when Alice shoved a cloth in his face. He didn't resist; he seldom resisted her, and the few times he did he regretted it later. It only took about 5 seconds for the ether in the cloth to knock him unconscious.

Consciousness slowly returned to Paul, the haze and cobwebs of ether dissipating as he opened his eyes and focused slowly. He was someplace strange that he didn't recognize. A massive, tall wood ceiling was overhead. He lay on his back staring up at it. It was old, made of weathered wood planks with cracks of daylight shining through.

He tried to get up, but was unable to. His arms were stretched to the sides and wrists were tied down. As his awareness became sharper, He struggled a little, testing the strength of the ties. He was secure. The knots were tight and the style was one he knew -- Alice. Struggling would make the knots tighter and cut off blood flow causing excruciating pain.

A noise drew his attention. Alice entered through a large doorway that swung open, accompanied by two girls he knew as friends of hers, Jenn and Sandi. They didn't associate with him so he knew them only slightly; they were lesbians that didn't like men, so his only contact with them was one time when they had kicked him in the balls while he was tied to Alice's kitchen table.

Jenn was a pretty brunette with long hair and a number of piercings. She dressed and looked like a goth slut, which she was, though she was lesbian. Sandi was blond and skinny, but had large breasts; her short hair was cut in a page boy or pixie cut. Her cute face and demeanor belied a cruel side that came out around men. She loved to hurt them, both emotionally and physically.

"He's awake," Jenn said.

Paul was still a little groggy but managed to ask with a thick tongued voice, "Where am I?"

"Doesn't matter, Paul," Alice said as she approached him and knelt down next to his head. "You are going to die here, and that's all you really need to know. Taste that bit of knowledge for a moment. Get used to it."

Paul's head suddenly cleared and he evaluated his situation. He was laying on his back, arms spread wide and tied to a large wooden beam that stretched underneath his shoulders and out along his arms. He struggled momentarily, but the beam was heavy and it was impossible to get up. The slip knots squeezed his wrists tighter, cutting off some circulation. He also determined he was naked, completely.

A pang of fear ran through his stomach. Alice didn't joke about things like this. He was secured, and if she said he was going to die, he felt sure she intended for that to happen. He looked up at her smirking face. God, she was beautiful, even now, in this situation, he melted. He wanted no one but her, and for her to hurt him. Bad.

Alice stood, and went over to where Jenn and Sandi stood. "He's awake enough. Let's get him going before we lose too much of the day."

"Fine. Do we nail him now, or later?" Sandi's question invoked another stab of fear through Paul's stomach. Nails?

"Prop him up against that bench. I want to make him come first, so he doesn't have as much sexual arousal. I want him to just hurt, not get off on it." Alice had a nasty look on her face as she walked around behind Paul's head.  Sandi went around to help her, but Jenn just watched as they dragged Paul up.

As they picked him up, Paul realized he was tied to a wood cross, made of very heavy beams. Sandi and Alice strained to lift him up into a semi-reclined position. Behind his back was another beam extending well below his legs; he also realized his ankles were tied to the beam. He was tied in a classic crucifixion posture on a heavy wooden cross. The recognition of what was happening hit him like boxer's blow to the stomach.

Alice had listened to him rambling about his crucifixion fantasies, and was actually going to do it.

"Wait. Alice, this isn't right. I never meant for you to actually--" Paul's protest was cut off when the cross was dropped a foot or so down onto the bench and a grunt was forced from his lungs with the sudden jolt.

"Can I hurt him, Alice? Huh? I wanna start." Jenn started moving toward Paul's stretched, prostrate body.

"Fuck off Jenn. He is mine, I get him first. You can make him scream later, I'm going to do this first!" Alice was lighter than Jenn, but her dominant attitude came out and she was no one to trifle with. Skinny, yes. But muscular and quick. Jenn backed off a step as Alice moved around and took Paul's cock in her hand.

"See, Paul? You really do want this. It is your dream, and I am going to give it to you. Believe me, I am going to give it to you." She began stroking Paul's already rock hard cock. It was true, Paul wasn't hurting yet, but the anticipation of being tortured by these three women was getting to Paul's fetish and his cock was hard.

"Jenn come here. If you really want some fun, fine. Grab his balls and squeeze all you want. It makes him come faster." Alice continued stroking as she moved to the side, allowing Jenn access. Jenn took Paul's testicles in hand, squeezing as hard as she could, then twisting. Paul yelped, moaned, and then let out a slight scream from the pain as it hit him. Alice was right though, the pain actually made him more aroused, and his hips began thrusting slightly. The pain of his balls being crushed by Jenn just made his cock harder, and he felt like the sperm was being forced out of his testicles, getting ready for ejaculation.

"Aaah! Ahha! Acck! Oh my god, that hurts, Oh, god, aaaah!" Paul grunted and called out as Jenn used her thumb and fingers to press in, trying as hard as she could to rupture his balls before Alice could make him ejaculate. It didn't work; the more she squeezed, the more the pain aroused him and the faster he would come. In barely two minutes he felt the semen flowing and the muscles contracting. He spurt up, straight out over his stomach, all the way on to his chest.

When he was done, Alice kept going, stroking his now super sensitive cock. Paul strained against the ropes that held him, and moaned, "Please, god, no Alice, that's terrible, its too sensitive, please stop!!!"

The ropes grew tighter around his wrists as he thrashed and pulled, cutting off circulation. His hands throbbed. He struggled against his ankle ties, as well, but it was no use. Alice kept on, stimulating him past his breaking point until he sobbed, begging for relief. Jenn stopped trying to crush his balls, but Alice kept stroking, and after about 10 minutes was rewarded by a second, less powerful but very real ejaculation of semen. She finally stopped.

"Fuck... just... fuck that was intense," Paul gasped. His penis was still hard, though sore. His hands and feet ached from the lack of circulation, and he lay still on the wooden cross. He rested as the three girls went to the side of the barn, gathering some things. He wasn't paying attention.

Until they arrived with the spikes and mallet.  He saw the mallet first. It was a huge thing, with a heavy metal head. It looked like it was a sledge hammer designed to drive steel rail spikes on railroads. His eyes grew wide; then he saw Sandi holding two ominous spikes in her hand. They were actual railroad spikes, small ones from a narrow gauge rail, but they looked huge in her hand. Nine inches long, tapering from a very thick head down to a sharp point, they would damage and wreak havoc with anything they were pounded into. Once in, it would be impossible for anything they fastened to work loose.

It was hot in the barn, but the sweat pouring down from Paul's was not from the heat. He was scared. They were going to nail him with those monsters. Where ever they pounded those things in would be permanently damaged.

"Please, no. Don't do this. Keep me around, hurt me, all you like. Just don't damage me permanently! People will miss me, you will be caught. I am so much more useful to you alive, don't you think? You can keep hurting me... chain me up, do anything. Just... don't ... " Paul was begging, and began to ramble, pleading as Jenn took the heavy mallet and stood behind Paul's head.

Sandi took the first spike and positioned it against Paul's right wrist. Not his hand, but right at the wrist where the bones of the hand and arm came together at the joint. She held it at a very specific angle and then looked up and Jenn. "Now, don't miss and hit my hand like you almost did when we were practicing. I want his hand crushed, not mine. Believe me, you don't want to make me scream."

Paul struggled, trying to move his arm to keep the spike from remaining in place but Sandi held it in place. Between Sandi and the tight wrist ropes, Paul's arm was held firm.

Paul watched in horror as Jenn raised the mallet into the air, holding it with both hands. Then with a sudden, swift movement the metal head descended and hit the spike head right on with a Clangggg....

Along with the metallic ring of metal on metal came a subtle soft squishy crack when the spike sunk through Paul's flesh and drove through the bones of his wrist, cracking and breaking them. A second later another sound was heard; Paul's scream. The pain of his shattered wrist hit him harder than anything he had ever known. His vision went red, and he thought he would pass out. He kept screaming, and did not see the second swing of the mallet as it descended, driving the spike deep into the wood below Paul's wrist.

The second stroke drove the spike in further, and while it didn't break any more bones it spread the ones it had broken out further, mangling the flesh, cartilage, bone fragments and nerves together in an organic mush. Paul continued screaming, pulling on his arm, trying to get it loose, his naked body taught and arched. That just made it hurt worse, and he almost lost consciousness.

The girls shifted to the other side and repeated the nailing process on Paul's left wrist. With four strokes of the heavy hammer, the spike was driven through the wrist and into the wood in the exact spot in which it would hold Paul's weight, and keep him from yanking free.

Alice cut through the ropes holding Paul's wrists. They weren't needed any more. Paul lay on the cross, crying, tears running down his cheeks.

"Look, Sandi. I told you! He still has a hard on! I made him come twice, and he is still fucking hard. He is suuuuch a pain slut. He is going to die in ecstasy."

It was true. Paul was stretched out, wrists nailed, but his cock was hard and he was mysteriously enjoying the agony. Through tear distorted eyes, he looked up at Alice, worshiping her. Her beautiful face looked down with a happy smile at his agonized face. Paul was still amazed at Alice's beauty, and the pain that wracked his body simply felt like an offering to her, worshiping her body and soul.

"Get his feet nailed, then we can lift him up," Alice said to the other girls. Sandi got out another spike and knelt at Paul's tied feet. Alice stepped back again to watch as Jenn held Paul's feet still and Sandi positioned the spike just below the ankle. Paul wasn't thrashing around as much, his body was sweating and wet from the pain and he was breathing hard, moaning.

When the sharp tip of the spike pressed against his flesh, Paul seemed to become aware of what was about to happen, once again. He writhed, raising his head to look down at the two beautiful young women who were about to pound a nail through his feet, and cried out. "NOOOO!!!! PLEASE!  Ohgod....ohgod..."

Alice stood to the side with her legs apart, her hand thrust into her jeans. She was playing, touching herself, getting off on the pain and fear Paul exhibited. She thought she might have an orgasm if she kept on rubbing herself, maybe right when the--

Clang!!!!  Jenn swung the heavy hammer down on the spike. This time a small spray of blood went up and covered Sandi's face as the spike penetrated Paul's flesh. His screech of pain echoed in the barn, and Alice rubbed herself even harder, trying to achieve the orgasm she felt was within reach.  She had never felt so excited, so alive. Paul's agony was feeding her, stimulating her deep inside.

The spike had gone through the top foot, cracking and separating bones but had barely entered the lower foot. Jenn swung the hammer up again and down, smashing the spike through the lower foot, pulverizing bone into flesh. Paul screeched again, yelling, screaming until the air was gone from his lungs then taking a deep breath and screaming again.

It came. The climax Alice had felt approaching came as Jenn hammered the spike into the wood below Paul's feet. His screams had pulled it from her, with the help of two of her fingers sliding inside and her thumb on her clit. She leaned back against the barn wall and felt the warmth of pleasure flood her, inspired by Paul's agony as he lay nailed to the wood a few feet away.

"Daammiitt... I got blood all over my face!" Sandi was pissed off. She stood and walked away, looking for a rag to clean herself up. "I sure hope he's disease free, Alice. I wouldn't want to be getting AIDS over this, yanno. Bastard."

Jenn discarded the heavy mallet. Alice, recovered from her climax, joined her to look over the site of Paul's nude body stretched out on the cross. It was a fascinating sight, to see a human being literally nailed like a piece of wood, unable to move, just laying there. His face was glistening wet from tears and spittle from screaming. His eyes stared wildly, his mouth hanging open, moaning again, constantly.

Sandi returned with a rag from their car, wiping her face and hands.

"He looks pretty, doesn't he? I always thought pain makes a man more attractive."

"Let's get him up and into position. Then we can relax and watch him suffer. The long, slow suffer." Alice knelt next to Paul and whispered in his ear. "Yes... you will hang now, suffer, the pain never going away, the only escape is death. You will beg for death. It won't come fast enough for you. God, you turn me on right now... I wish I could fuck you again. Just one more time, as you approach death soooo slowly."

The girls arranged themselves around the wooden cross and lifted it up. It rose into the air slowly, from the top where Paul's head rested. It took the three of them pushing and heaving. At one point the cross tipped sideways, ready to fall over but Alice grabbed it in time and straightened it out. That caused a scream from Paul as his body was jerked to the side, yanking on his left wrist and arm.

As the cross rose up Paul's body slid down, his arms stretching taut above his head. His knees bent as his body descended toward his nailed feet, his back scraping on the rough wood. When he was almost upright, the bottom of the cross slid toward a hole in the floor of the barn, and moments later the cross slid down inside the hole, sinking almost two feet. The cross came to a sudden halt, as it nestled into place, jerking Paul's body down, yanking the nails in his wrists, scraping the cracked bones of his arms, straining the tendons of his arms and shoulders.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The scream from Paul's upturned face went on, slowly dwindling as the air in his chest ran out. The pain from the sudden jolt was unbearable and he felt blackness descend on him. He sagged down on the cross, hanging limp and motionless.

Alice checked Paul's still form. "He's alive. He's fine. I think he just fainted. Look, he's coming around already."

Sure enough, a few seconds later Paul was conscious again, grunting and gasping for air, his chest distended outward, stomach drawn in as his body hung forward from the wooden frame.

"Look!" Jenn was pointing at Paul's groin. The penis that had gone flaccid when the spike was driven through Paul's feet was coming to life again. Slowly it became engorged with blood, growing thicker, harder, longer. It rose into the air in a salute to the three girls.

Paul was suffering on the cross, yes. But he was also showing his colors as a true masochist. The agony coursed through his body, arousing him. He looked down at the three girls observing him, humiliated, unable to move, watching them observe his pain, and this just made him even more aroused. He knew just how perverse he was at that moment. He deserved to die, to be tortured and suffer at the hands of these girls. He was nothing but dirt, a piece of meat to torture for their pleasure.

For her part, Alice was loving the pain that was obviously straining Paul's body. She imagined the cramping that was forming in his arms and shoulders, perhaps even down his back. She saw him try to shift his body to get relief, only to be rewarded with new pains in new areas.

Sandi was getting turned on, and said so. "Fuck, this is hot. Look at him. I never knew it would be this hot. I need you to fuck me, Jenn!"

Paul watched as Jenn wrapped her arms around Sandi, struggling to tear her clothes off. He wished he could participate, both girls were incredibly hot and he wanted to feel them. But he was... well, nailed to a cross. Moving wasn't an option, so he stared as Sandi pulled off Jenn's black jeans, revealing white smooth flesh and smoothly shaved pussy. Sandi went to work between Jenn's legs, sucking and licking expertly.

Jenn lay as Sandi serviced her, staring up at Paul. His muscles twitched and flexed as he shifted on the cross, his faced grimaced as tears slowly descended his cheeks. His breath came and gasps. He was staring at the two of them, and Jenn knew it. Seeing him suffering like this made her whole body flush, and she reached down to Sandi's head, smashing it in to her pussy hard. Her hips rose and she ground her flesh into Sandi's face, feeling a climax coming as she watched Paul gasping for breath.

When it came, Jenn threw her head back, closed her eyes and cried out, "aaaaaaahhhhhhhh......." The orgasm made her body shudder, intense beyond all belief.

"Do me. Do me, now," Sandi was already maneuvering into position, demanding that Jenn service her. Alice watched them with satisfaction. She knew Paul was incredibly turned on by the whole situation. She could see it in him, as he struggled and stared. His rock hard penis wobbled as he writhed. She knew the pain was terrible, but also knew it was triggering intense sexual responses in him. The humiliation of being exposed and observed, legs nailed at an angle exposing his sex, in agony, as two girls had sex and used his agony to intensify their enjoyment, was feeding back to Paul and making his own sexual arousal and frustration intense.

Removing her top so she was naked from the waist up, Alice moved to Paul and reached out to touch his engorged member. At the sensation of her fingers on his sensitive flesh, Paul moaned. He thrust his hips out, immediately regretting the movement as it caused the broken bones in his wrists to scrape against the nails. He sobbed.

Alice moved closer, her bare breasts pressing against Paul's torso as she began stroking his penis. Paul continued to sob as she slowly slid up and down.

"Please... please... oh... my god... please..." Paul gasped.

"Please what, dear? Please make you cum? Please stop? Please... kill you?" Alice spoke quietly to Paul, looking into his face as she continued stroking.

"I.... I don't know. All of it. I don't know. It hurts, Alice. It's horrible. Fuck it hurts!" Paul cried again, sobbing, tears streaming down his cheeks. Alice kept stroking his cock, feeling its hard length. Behind her, Sandi let out a moaning cry as her orgasm peaked. Alice ignored her girlfriends and kept working Paul's cock.

"Cum for me Paul. You are going to die here, but not for a while. It is going to take you a long, long time to die. Cum for me. Cum and continue dying for me. Die for me Paul..." Alice kept talking gently, rubbing her body against Paul as he hung helpless, stroking his cock.

It took a while, but eventually Paul shuddered, pushed his hips out, cried out in pain and pleasure and convulsed into an orgasm. He ejaculated, but because it was the third time that day, his seed didn't spurt as strongly as before. It pumped out, globs of white slime forced out of the tip of his cock over Alice's hand and finally dribbling down onto the barn floor.

After the initial orgy of arousal, sex and orgasms over Paul's hanging body, the girls calmed some and sat to watch the slow process of death which is the inevitable end of a crucifixion. Paul simply endured. There was nothing else he could do. His body hung nearly motionless. His hands had taken the shape of claws, a reaction of the nerves and muscles of his wrists when they were destroyed.

The girls became bored after a while. Paul's pain was exciting, but after three or four hours they wanted something more. Finally, they all agreed to leave and get dinner at around 5 o'clock. They put on their clothes (all had been naked for most of the afternoon, increasing Paul's frustration as they played with each other). They left him alone.

The time alone was terrible; Paul could not move. His hands were a giant bundle of dull, aching pain. His arms and shoulders cramped without ceasing and movement did nothing to relieve the pain. He had trouble breathing, and pushed up on his nailed feet to try and get a better position. It helped, but the agony of grinding his crushed foot bones into the nails was too much and he sagged down once again. It got darker, and colder. His face itched; sweat trickled down but he couldn't wipe it. He peed, releasing his bladder onto the floor below where the urine mixed with the semen he had ejaculated earlier.

Paul thought death was coming. Surely, it must be. He begged for it now, hoping it would not be long. His body slumped forward a bit, away from the cross, but that position pulled and strained his nailed wrists even more. He pulled back, trying to straighten his body but that strained his wrists and back as well, and placed more weight on his feet. No matter what he did, the pain kept coming, morphing, expanding.

Finally, the girls came back. They carried a couple of lanterns which illuminated the interior of the barn well.

"Look at him! He is still doing OK, though he isn't moving as much. Life beginning to drain away, Paul?" Alice said cheerfully, and rather cruelly.

Paul simply stared down at her, a look of desperation in his eyes.

"We went to Denny's for dinner. Ever do that? We had breakfast. I love breakfast for dinner. Eggs, hash browns, bacon. mmmmmm. Coffee and juice, too." Paul looked at her and suddenly felt overwhelming hunger, but worse than that, overwhelming thirst. He had not had anything to drink in 24 hours.

"What, you want something to drink?"

"Yes.." Paul's voice came out in a croak.

"Well, OK. But just remember this, if you drink, you will take a lot longer to die. You might want to hold off. It will help you feel better now, but you might regret it later, you know?" Alice had a bottle of water in her hand, and raised it to Paul's cracked lips.  He took one small sip and then realized she was right. If he wanted this to be over, he needed to die as soon as he could. This was one of the few things he could still choose, still have control over. He turned his head away from the bottle and shook his head.

"I see. Well, good boy then. I see you still have a pretty good hard on. Want me to do you again? Hmmmmm????" Alice reached out and touched Paul's cock, which wasn't as hard as before but still showed signed of life.  As she touched it, she felt it react and get harder.

She stroked again. Paul's fourth masturbation of the day. She knew he could come four times in one day, she had seen him do it before. In fact, she had made him do it. Even when he begged her to stop. This time he didn't beg for her to stop, he simply closed his eyes and let her stroke. She poured a bit of water to lube the skin, and kept going. As he slowly became more aroused, he cried, sobbing quietly.

Alice could almost feel the pain he was in. Touching him like this, stroking him, she could sense the agony and the pleasure she was heaping on his poor body. Ten minutes of stroking, patiently massaging the head, letting him get close to orgasm then releasing him momentarily, and then beginning again. All her skills culminated when he moaned and she felt the pulsing of his cock in her hand. Out came white goo, not in a stream but in a dribble. Paul was dehydrated and while he was ejaculating, there was not much to pump out. Nevertheless it came, his muscles contracting and pushing it out.

Alice cleaned up, wiping her hand and then joined the other two girls where they sat in lawn chairs to watch the spectacle of Paul's slow, agonizing death. The three girls sat, drinking tequila and getting drunk, swapping stories about how they had humiliated various guys at the club the frequented, and gossiping about other lesbians in their social circle.

Through it all, Paul simply hung from the cross. The pain was now across his entire body; there were white hot points at his hands and feet, but really the pain simply throbbed across every muscle, every fiber. His thirst was overwhelming. His desire to move to relieve cramps as overwhelming. It was getting really, really hard to breathe.

Occasionally Pail felt a flush ripple across his entire body. It came when he realized just how humiliating and degraded he was. He was a show. These three young women were watching him suffer. He was hanging naked in front of them, providing them entertainment through is pain. His pain, his humiliation, was arousing to them and he watched as the kissed and made out, occasionally turning back to watch him.

"I want to see him move some more. This is getting boring. It is almost 2AM and he isn't dead yet, and he isn't moving. He is just hanging there." Jenn was cruel in her tone.

"That's what crucifixion is, dear. Slow, meaningless, humiliating death." Alice was still enjoying it. She knew Paul so well, she understood him and was loving every minute of his agony. If she could have fucked him right then, she would have. Just to be able to have him inside her while he was in that much pain would have been a massive turn on.

"Let's poke him. Or cut him. Or something." Sandi said as she downed another margarita.

"No. But we can do something I heard about once. Come help me." Alice stood and went over to get a left over spike and mallet. The other two joined her next to Paul's distended body.

"Lift him up. His hips. Just like, six inches maybe."

Jenn and Sandi each grabbed one thigh and lifted. Paul screamed at the movement as it shifted weight and pulled and damaged new tendons. As he was lifted higher, Alice took the spike and aimed it toward the wood of the cross, right between his legs, just below his hanging scrotum. She pounded it into the wood so that it angled up slightly, about four or five inches sticking out.

"OK, let him down." The girls released Paul and his body suddenly slid down the cross once he was no longer supported. But this time, before he was jerked to a stop by his nailed arms, his crotch hit the nail.

"AaaaahhhhHH!!!!" Yelped the helpless man. The nail smashed into the soft flesh between his anus and scrotum, digging in and piercing through. Blood trickled down the inside of his thighs. He tried to lift himself, pushing down on his feet and pulling on his nailed wrists. He rose two or three inches, thrust his hips forward to try and avoid the metal protrusion and then sank down.

Instead of avoiding the nail, it slid nicely into his anus. There it dug into the sensitive flesh and mashed it against his tailbone. "Oh, fuck.... fuck... oh my god... aaahhheeeeeee!"

Paul cried from the added pain and indignity. After watching him struggle with the added torture, the girls saw him finally collapse onto the nail, letting it dig deep into his rectum.

"Now, that was fun! God, I am so hot," Sandi was very drunk and making out with Jenn again. She thrust hands under Jenn's pants and found her cunt, which she worked with eager fingers. Jenn undid Sandi's jeans once again, and the two made out in front of the dying man, getting off on each other and his agony.

It was 5AM. Paul had been on the cross for about 18 hours and wasn't moving much any more. Sandi and Jenn were bored and hung over. They left in their car, leaving Alice to watch the final death throws of her ex-boyfriend. Alice moved to Paul, noticing his cock was still somewhat hard. Not rock hard, but it wasn't flaccid.

She took it into her mouth. Paul hung limp from the cross. Alice sucked his cock. Paul moaned slightly, and his cock grew hard in her mouth. He opened his eyes and looked down at his beautiful Alice, the girl of his dreams, the girl that had nailed him to the cross and was murdering him, while she sucked his cock. The pain and pleasure mixed once again and he embraced both. The two intensified each other, and in moments he was writhing on the metal beams, pushing his hips, begging for more.

Alice continued to suck him. She deep throated his cock until she gagged, reaching hands behind his buttocks to feel where the spike was embedded in his anus. She felt it slide in and out as his cock thrust in and out of her mouth. His pushing became more urgent as well as painful. His anus bled again but he continued thrusting. She felt his testicles, hanging loose in his scrotum. She felt his pain, she felt his pleasure, and she felt it when he convulsed in orgasm.  But there was no fluid; her mouth was not filled with cum. It was his fifth time in the last 24 hours; he came but he had no fluid to give. He was spent, dehydrated.

When he was done he sagged back down. the nail tearing deeper into his rectum. She had thought he was close to death; now it didn't appear so. He might last a while yet.

She sat back in her lawn chair and watched him, remembering with fondness the times when she had stuck pins in his testicles, or made him take a huge butt plug that tore the sides of his anus. She had loved fucking him while he whimpered. What a pain slut he was. She hated him, as she hated all men, but she loved hurting him.

Slowly, she dozed off, and slept.

When Alice woke it was nearly noon and Paul hung motionless before her. The blood on his wrists, feet, and between his legs was dried. She wondered if she had missed the death while she slept, but then saw his chest move as he struggled for breath. It had been more than 24 hours now. She had heard that some victims survived the cross for days. She didn't think Paul would be one of them.

"You are sure you got rid of the body, right? Like, no place he will be found? At least for a long, long time." Sandi was looking worried as Alice drove her home from the club several nights later. They had danced, enjoying the men's attention. Jenn had gone home with one of them, though they knew her well enough that the little tryst would not end well.

"Yes, yes. Like I said, acid on the hands and feet, then bagged with lyme for fast decomposition. Buried way out in the desert where nothing will find him. OK?"

"OK. Babe... that was intense. I don't know if I would want to do it again.. but.... well, if you ever do come up with something. Let me know."

"Sure, Sandi. It was intense, wasn't it? I got off on it. I dunno if I would ever do it again, either, but... well, I am not sure I will ever find a masochist like that again. Pity." They pulled up outside Sandi's apartment.

Sandi leaned over and kissed Alice on the lips. "Sure you don't want to come up?"

"Nah. Tired and I got to take care of some things at home."

Alice drove back to her house carefully. No reason to get pulled over for drunk driving.

She went inside, removing her top and and leather pants. Wearing nothing but her panties she got herself a bottled water from the fridge and then grabbed a box of dog food. Opening a door in the hall, she bent over to avoid hitting her head on the low door jam and descended stairs to the basement. Turning on the single light bulb overhead harshly illuminated a clean concrete room with a bed and bucket toilet in the corner.  On the bed lay Paul, a chain attached to a metal collar around his neck. The chain hung over the bed to a ring planted solidly in the concrete floor. His hands and feet were heavily bandaged.

"Hey Paul. I brought you dinner. Drink up the water, it has your antibiotics in it." Alice poured some of the dog food into a large bowl and the water from the bottle into a silver dish. Paul slowly rolled over, getting off the bed. He descended to his knees and scuffled over to the dog feeding dishes. Lowering himself onto his elbows, he took a bite of the solid dog food.

"I'm afraid those hands aren't ever going to really work again. Or the feet. But at least I didn't have to amputate... I dunno. Maybe we will crucify you again some day. But not right now. I have plans for you, right now."

Paul stopped eating, a sob interrupting the crunching.

"It hurts, Alice... it still hurts... my hands... "

"Yes. I know Paul. And when it stops hurting, I will find a new way to make you hurt. For now, would you like to cum?"

Paul looked up at the mostly naked body of Alice standing over him. Between his legs his cock throbbed, rock hard. It pointed down as he knelt on all fours with elbows on the ground. He was silent for a moment, and then said, "Yes. Please. Alice. Make me cum." He looked at his hands. "I can't even masturbate any more."

"No." Alice kicked him in the ribs. The air whooshed out of him in a grunt as he fell over. "Maybe tomorrow."

Alice climbed up the basements steps, turning out the light and plunging Paul's new prison into darkness.