Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Crucified Male, Again

The man's penis and testicles dangled directly in front of the woman's eyes.

The prelate's young wife stood with shock and amazement at what her husband was showing her. It was near midnight and the guards, led by the centurion, had been dispersed to positions further down the hill, out of sight.

"This is Gallus, the thief. He has robbed more than 20 travelers on the road to Lattara. I condemned him to die this morning, and he was crucified this afternoon." The prelate spoke softly to his wife, though there was no one close except for the man suffering before them.

Julia looked up at the face of the man, the firelight flickering orange across his darkened features. Torches were set up on four corners of the hill, though only three were flaming at the moment. The thief Gallus sagged down on the wooden beams, his body stretched out from its own weight. Julia could see his ribs, and his stomach curved inward slightly. Higher up, the thief's arms were stretched taut, spread out and an odd angle. The body was slumped forward slightly, which caused the arms to be pulled back behind the man, twisting his shoulders.

The prelate gazed at the man for a while, and then spoke in explanation. "You see how all his weight is on his arms, spread wide, but not completely out. This causes the weight of his body to drag down through his arms and then to his chest. The muscles of his arms, chest and diaphragm are all under tremendous stress right now. It causes cramps, and as he dehydrates and looses strength, the body will sag as you see it doing now."

"Is... is he dead?" Julia asked, but then immediately saw the answer. Gallus sucked in air, breathing in with a labored effort, his chest and stomach expanding. A rasping sound came from the man and he opened his eyes to see what was below him.

"Water..." the man croaked.

There was a slight smell of urine in the air from where the condemned man had relieved himself. His body was covered with sweat. Flies gather around him, especially his eyes, nose and lips.

Julia shuddered. "So this is what you do at night when you can not sleep, you come here and look at the tortured bodies of the crucified?"

"Not just that," said the prelate. "Their agony fascinates me in a way I can not describe. It is satisfying, fulfilling, exciting. Oh... look at what he is doing--"

Gallus was moving, writhing, shifting positions. The muscles in his legs strained and pushed down on his feet, which were nailed securely to the cross upright. Julia backed away in alarm.

"Don't worry my love. This is what we call The Dance. If the angle of the arms is correct, his weight presses down on his chest and makes it hard to breathe. So, they will lift themselves up as best they can--"

"AAAAaaaaggggghhhhhhhh" a long low agonizing cry came from Gallus as the nails in his feet ground against crushed bone as he lifted himself up, relieving pressure on his shoulders and chest.  His feet were nailed flat against the upright and thus he was unable to rise far enough to lock his knees. His legs shook with the strain of staying upright, and then suddenly collapsed. Gallus sank down, coming to a halt with a slight jerk when the nails in his wrists slammed against bone and tendon, causing the man to shriek with pain once again.

When all was still, the beautiful young girl shook her head and asked her husband, "It is a terrible thing. I don't understand this, why you would want to come here."

The prelate reached out and took the man's testicles in his hand. The crucified man's legs were slightly spread at the knees, exposing his genitalia for all to see, part of the humiliating punishment to which he was being subjected.

"Here, my love. Take them." The prelate took Julia's soft white hand and guided it too the man's scrotum. She tentatively obeyed and touched the rough, thick flesh sack. The man groaned as he felt her soft touch and she quickly withdrew her hand.

"It's OK. The man is but an animal, less than an animal. Take him. Touch him."

Julia reached out again at her husband's urging, and took the flesh sack in her hands. She had never experienced a man other than her husband, and her interest had piqued. Gently, she felt the heavy folds of flesh and the soft lumps contained inside. Gallus moaned from pain and confusion as she slowly felt the man's anatomy. Reaching out her other hand, she took both testicles, one in each hand and began to examine them, squeezing them gently.

"Please... forgiveness, mercy... water..." Gallus pleaded in an agonized voice. His breathing was ragged, and the sweat poured across his naked flesh in rivulets. It was not hot enough this late at night for the naked man to be sweating; it was from the pain he was experiencing, his desperation.

"He is there for you to use," the prelate whispered into his young wife's ear as she pressed her fingers deep into the crucified thief's scrotum. Bizarrely, she noticed that her ministrations had caused the young condemned man's penis to begin swelling. Gasping, the girl shifted one hand and wrapped it around the engorging member. This further encouraged the erection, which grew large.

"Oh! Look! He is like you, when you are with me!" Julia was fascinated.

"No! No! Please, don't torture me, don't do this to me. Kill me now. Let me die!" The thief pleaded, his voice so raspy from lack of water that it was difficult to understand him. He tried to shift his hips away from Julia's prying hands, but this simply twisted his agonized wrists, causing the nails to cut and smash new nerves. Another shriek of pain came from the thief.

This time Julia did not retreat. She was fascinated at having a man, nailed down and unable to resist, at her complete disposal. Looking at her husband for approval, she turned again to the erect penis and began stroking. It stood out now, hard and erect, pointing slightly upward. The thief moaned with each stroke of the woman's soft hands. His hips now moved very slightly in rhythm with her strokes.

The prelate watched with satisfaction as his wife slowly but consistently stimulated the crucified man. He knew from having done this himself many times before the anguish the man experienced as his massive pain was mixed with the sensual pleasure. The humiliation of what was happening, the helplessness, simply added to his vulnerability and involuntary arousal. As he observed the man's hips begin a more urgent thrusting, he reached out to his wife.

"Stop for a moment. Observe."

Julia pulled back a step or two. Gallus hung from the cross, sobbing dry tears. His lips were cracked, mouth hanging open, eyes open but glazed. "Please..." he croaked again. "Don't leave me."

His member remained erect. "Go ahead and finish him off," the prelate told his wife.

Julia stepped forward, but this time, frustrated with how dry the man's flesh was, took him into her mouth to lubricate him. This brought a sudden moan, "Aaaahhh. Ohhhh..." from the man who turned his head to the heavens as he felt the young girl's lips and tongue surround his penis.

Feeling the immediate reaction from the crucified man, Julia continued to stimulate him with her mouth, pushing him in deeply and then sliding out to where the head of his penis was just touching her lips. Plunging in again, she took him inside all the way. Doing this to a man who had no choice, forcing this man to experience her pleasure while he felt the agony of the cross, was exciting to Julia beyond anything she had ever felt.

When she felt Gallus thrust his hips forward and her hand under his scrotum felt the pulsing of muscles, she suddenly decided what she would do. Stepping back and away, she released the man's penis, allowing it to hang, untouched.

The delight in taking control in this way, of forcing something on a man and then taking it away, gave Julia a sudden rush of pleasure.

Gallus, on the other hand, was in misery. His hips thrust once, twice, his penis jerked and bounced a few times, but only a small trickle of semen emerged. The orgasm promised by Julia had been taken from him, robbed just as he had robbed so many on the highway. A great cry of agony, frustration and despair rose in the night.

Julia and the prelate looked at Gallus, nailed to the cross, shaking uncontrollably. The experience had driven him wild, the pain was too much for his brain to handle, and when mixed with the alternate torture of this humiliation ending in a stolen orgasm, Gallus cried, struggled, screamed, and finally fell silent, unable to do anything but endure his excruciatingly slow death.

The prelate turned with his wife to go back to the nearby palace. The guards returned to stand watch as the crucified man continued to suffer in the night.

Julia was silent on the walk back, but when they reached the private quarters, she almost tore her clothes off she was so aroused. She took the prelate, riding him, clutching him as he rode her, forcing multiple orgasms from them both. The experience of tormenting the helpless condemned man had made them both so excited they played and fucked each other in every way imaginable.