Monday, August 6, 2012

Inverted Crucifixion

Avra never believed it would come to this.

The Romans had invaded the town just a few days earlier. Macedonian soldiers had run from the Romans as they marched down the road, perhaps meeting to regroup in another town further away, perhaps simply to escape what appeared to be sure defeat. Either way, it didn't matter.

When they arrived, about 100 Romans secured the town and and then lined up every person they could find. The centurion walked along the line, pointing to every 25th person. "Him.... Her.... Him..." As they were called out, each person was taken from the line, placed in chains and hauled away across the road.

Avra watched carefully, counting ahead. Early on she saw that the centurion's pattern would select the young man named Fellatio who stood next to her. She began to relax as the tall soldier with a purple cape came closer. There were five victims chained and huddled across the road when the Centurion passed in front of her.

"Her." The centurion pointed directly at Avra. Surprise, followed by fear and panic spread through the young girl's body as if a hole had opened beneath her and she had begun falling.

"But... but no, it should be him!!!" she began to protest as she was dragged across the road. The centurion continued, selecting two more victims as Avra was thrown to the ground and chained, wrists and ankles. Protesting availed nothing. The Roman soldiers didn't care.

In all, seven of the 500 or so villagers were selected; three young men, one older man, and two other young women. The soldiers wasted no time. Some kept the villagers back from the clearing at the entrance to the town. Others had been gathering stout pieces of wood and tying them together. The remaining soldiers took the seven victims and flogged them.

Avra watched as the floggings began. It was worse than anything she had ever seen. The youngest boy and girl (a friend of Avra's named Cunnilingus) were taken to a tree that had two nails pounded high up the thin trunk. Their chains were lifted and hooked over the nails, leaving their feet dangling just above the ground. Their tunics were then ripped down from their shoulders, leaving their upper bodies bare. The muscles of their backs were exposed, rippling and straining from the suspension as they dangled.

The villagers sobbed to see them humiliated in this way, the boy and girl facing each other with the tree between, the woman's breasts naked and just barely brushing against the boy's chest. It was a parody of intimacy, the two forced together, half naked, dangling, unable to part. Cunnilingus cried softly, struggling, though the boy's face was hard and unyielding.

This all changed as soon as the first lash of whip encircled the two bodies, ripping a slice through their exposed flesh. The poor girl screamed and the boy cried out as the leather wrapped its way around them both, cutting deeply. As the whip fell and was drawn back for another stroke, a clean, bright red line could be seen across the girl's smooth back.

Avra turned her head away. She had wanted to watch, to see and understand what was going to happen to her but this seemed unreal and too horrible. The sound could not be blocked out. The hissing of the leather whip slicing through the air was followed by a wet thumping as it hit flesh and wrapped around the two bodies; this was followed almost instantly by another scream and cry from the poor victims.

Avra began to sob, covering her head. She was young, of a marriageable age, and had so much to look forward to in life. The boys all liked her. She had even kissed one of them behind a shed one night a few weeks ago. She had dreamed of him marrying her one day, but would he have her now, after she had been scarred and tortured in this way? The idea began to creep into her head that she would rather die than suffer a life torn and ripped open, scarred and deformed from the whipping.

The whipping continued and she forced herself to look. The Cunnilingus's back was plainly visible, and the criss cross pattern of the whip across her white flesh was becoming obscured as blood ran down and covered her skin uniformly. The whip lashed again, and a tiny spray of pink misted in the air; the girl's soft smooth flesh rippled like water from the impact and her breasts heaved up and down from her constant screams and crying.

"39 lashes." The older man who stood beside her said knowingly as the whipping ended. Avra was not aware what this meant, though the old man seemed to know. His face was fearful and solemn. Out of the corner of her eye Avra observed a crowd of villagers observing as the two were unhooked from the tree and their bodies dropped to the ground, exhausted and damaged from the horrible lashing, their flesh in tatters. In the center of the crowd was the young man Fellatio, the one who should be there suffering, instead of her.

The Romans came and grabbed the old man and another boy from their group, lifting their chains high until they hooked over the nails in the tree. Their tunics were ripped down and almost off, leaving them exposed except for their waists. Hanging there, the two waited for their flagellation to begin.

Avra didn't watch as the old man cried out at each stroke. She sat and curled up, her ears covered. The whippings seemed to last forever, the screams and cries from men and women severely tortured echoing through the small valley that was the entrance to their village. But they did end, and Avra felt the rough hands grab her arms, lift her and drag her to the tree. It was her turn.

She saw Fellatio watching with an almost eager expression on his face. He was enjoying seeing her suffer what should have been his fate.

Yanked up high, Avra was hung by her wrists. Her weight strained and pulled on her arms and shoulders. The other young girl, a maiden named Lustra, was on the other side of the tree and when their tunics were ripped off Lustra's large breasts extended on either side of the tree and brushed Avra's own nipples. Humiliated by her arousal from this touching, Avra closed her eyes. This only made her more aware of how her breasts and legs were dangling and brushing against the other girl's.

The first stroke came without warning. An explosion of pain ripped across her bare shoulders, as the tips of her hair were cut away from the slicing of thin leather that passed through to her flesh beneath. Her own scream merged with Lustra's, creating a sort of wicked harmony of pain. Avra strained at the chains, trying to lift herself, the only motion she could make to avoid the whip but it was to no avail. The hissing heralded another stroke that this time sliced across her lower back, the whip circling the tree, cutting across Lustra's hips and the tip kissing the very edge of Avra's thigh. Her scream was shorter this time for she had not yet caught her breath from the first stroke.

The whipping continued, and as she hung by her arms feeling her body stretched out and exposed, the whip burned and sliced Avra's flesh. Lustra was panicking, screaming and struggling where she hung, her legs rising up and grabbing, wrapping around Avra's own in a hideous parody of lesbian love. Their breasts rubbed and jiggled as they both writhed under the flogging. Sweat poured out across their flesh from the pain that spread across their thighs, buttocks and backs.

Finally there came a time when Avra realized there was no new pain, just the burning from the whipping that had ended. Lustra and she hung motionless, the world spinning and taking on a surreal flavor through the redness that was the pain. They both panted, breathing heavily, and Avra became aware of their breasts pressing together once again.

Rough hands lifted her up and off the nail. Her strength was gone from the beating, and she collapsed in a heap on the ground. However, this rest lasted almost no time as she was picked up and dragged to where the soldiers had been tying wood together and fashioning rudimentary crosses. Avra stared in disbelief at what she saw there.

Two of the four that had gone before her were already nailed to crosses of rough wood branches. The crosses were raised up and men were pounding slivers of wood into the holes at the base of the crosses to reinforce them and keep them upright. Avra stared at the young man and woman hanging from the crosses, their bodies stretched out, arms spread wide, legs bent, feet nailed in place. She had never seen anything so humiliating, so inhuman, so horrible.

Both the young man and woman were panting, chests heaving up and down in pain, and the girl cried out in agony every few seconds. They writhed, their bodies moving up and down, side to side, but no change in position helped them. Their bodies shook convulsively from pain and strain, and their limbs were held wide by the nails, exposing them to full view. Avra rolled her head to the side from where she lay and saw most of the villagers staring at the sight; the soldiers were holding them there, forcing them to watch the slow torture.

Suddenly, Avra realized that what had happened to the two others was about to happen to her. She was to be nailed and tortured and hung up on a tree like these others. Panic welled up inside her and in spite of being exhausted and in pain from the flogging, she began to rise up and run away. She made it only a few feet before being knocked to the ground by the butt of a Roman spear square in the middle of her chest. She hit the ground with an "oomph"... and lay there until several sets of hands dragged her over to a roughly made cross that lay on the ground.

Hands reached over her body, groping her breasts, slipping on the blood that covered her back and thighs, reaching between her legs, as they lifted her and placed her on top of the narrow wood logs. She tried to struggle weakly, but she was still winded from the blow to her chest and the whipping. Her protests were not effective, and there were too many men and too many hands covering every part of her body. Some hands groped between her legs and even penetrated her down there, and she screamed in protest and humiliation. The pain was not great, but it was very great in her mind, for she was a virgin and had never had another inside her body.

Avra's arms were forced up and out across the wood beams. She knew in her mind what was happening, but it didn't seem real. To her she was being raped, being kidnapped, or being beaten again. Her mind refused to admit she was being crucified.

She heard the men swearing and discussing something,  "Metal is precious, and I we just don't have enough nails. I told you we shouldn't have selected this many!"

"How, what shall we do? We can not just release them now that we have begun!"

"Tie her. And then hang her upside down, that will be enough."

The ropes went around her wrists, crossing back and forth, around and then back and forth again, tight, tight... oh so tight. They hurt, dug deep into her flesh and she felt the blood flow stopping. Avra cried out and begged that the ropes be looser, that her hands would die if they tied it this tightly. This brought a laugh from several of the soldiers, and one roughly said, "so they die; they will but precede the rest of you by a few hours."

Then her legs were forced up, bent at the knee. They were tied with a criss cross of ropes, one ankle over the other, forcing her legs wide apart. The ropes were extremely tight as were those on her wrists, and she felt the pain as if a knife were slowly sawing through her ankles. She cried out and sobbed in humiliation at the pain and exposure of her legs widening. When her ankles were tied rigidly together, they tied them to the log of the cross behind her, and her binding to the tree of pain and shame was complete.

Avra lay for a while, staring at the white clouds that moved slowly across a blue sky, feeling the pain that spread through her body from her back and from the ropes securing her arms and legs. The throbbing agony coursed through her, and she panted, breathing heavily from pain and exhaustion.

Finally the last movement of her life began; the wooden frame on which she was fixed was dragged a short way across the ground. She heard other villagers nearby, crying and talking in fear at what was happening to her and the others, but could not see them. The base of the cross near her feet was lifted up into the air, and her body slid down toward the ground, which was below her head. The knobby, rough wood scraped and grabbed at the sliced flesh of her back as she slowly slid down, and she rocked her head from side to side, crying out at the pain.

Higher and higher the foot of her cross went into the air, her feet going up, her body rising, her head sliding down slowly toward the ground. The heads of villagers came into sight, as if descending from the sky above her. She saw her mother and father staring, and then her mother turned and fled, unable to watch her daughter tortured thus. And there, just a few feet away, stood Fellatio, watching her intently, a smile on his lips.

Without warning the cross slipped down into a hole in the ground, and Avra's body slid toward the earth with a sudden jerk, coming to a halt as her arms reached their full extension. Pain shot through her shoulders and back from the wrenching halt of the cross hitting the bottom of the hole. She screamed, and felt that her body might tip and fall over as it reached the complete upside down, inverted position with her feet straight up in the air. She did not fall, and the cross held upright and inverted as several soldiers packed earth and wood wedges at the base of the cross, near her head, to keep it from slipping to the side.

Blood rushed to Avra's head, making it feel that it would explode. She became disoriented and sick, nauseous from the pain and from being upside down. She saw the villagers and soldiers milling about, but it seemed unreal. She squeezed her eyes shut, and the tears squeezed from her eyes and rolled over her pounding forehead.


Fellatio watched as the soldiers tipped the cross up. He had always liked Avra, or at least lusted after her. Avra was the most beautiful girl in the village, entering marriageable age, and he had been watching her for some time now trying to think how he could get inside of her.  Seeing her topless, tied with her arms spread wide and now hanging upside down before him was almost more than he could stand. His member stood out erect and hard as he watched Avra's breasts heave and her hair glisten and touch the ground below her. Even her legs were beautiful, bent and spread at the knees. He wanted to see underneath the remains of her tunic that covered her most private areas.

He glanced at the others that were crucified. Avra and the young man that they called Anal had been crucified upside down, the rest were suffering with nails driven into their wrists and feet, sagging from their crosses in the upright position. The sun beat down on them all, making great gobs of sweat form and roll down the naked parts of their flesh.

The sound of the crucifixion site was a mix of muffled moans and cries from those being tortured but had little strength for full out screams, and the murmurs and crying of the villagers that were being forced to watch the spectacle. Fellatio observed the other villagers in the group but had little in common with them. He imitated their grief expertly, but inside he simply thought of how he was enjoying this spectacle and how he wanted Avra, or Lustra, as their nakedness taunted him.

The tease of their nakedness was made worse as the centurion ordered the tattered remains of the victims tunics to be removed. With yanks and tears that pulled on the agonized bodies of the condemned, making the scream afresh, the remaining cloth was removed and each was made completely naked before the village. Lustra hung with her heavy breasts heaving and bouncing, her private womanhood standing out with large folding lips hanging down inviting any man to enter her. But Avra was exposed at eye level, and Fellatio stared at the smoothness between her legs, the slit which had hardly any extra flesh, the strong curve of her legs as they merged with her mound... he thought he might lose control and actually ejaculate his semen onto his legs right then, so he turned and moved to the back of the crowd.

The soldiers began to allow the villagers to return to their homes, leaving their suffering friends and relatives in their agony. Most immediately left, abandoning the suffering victims to their fate, not wanting to watch. Fellatio went back to his small hut where he lived alone and thought of the women on display; even the man Anal that was tipped with his head down and his male genitalia exposed for all to see, flopping over his stomach. Fellatio touched his erection, and after but a few strokes he spilled his semen on the dirt floor.

Night came to the village. Fellatio lay on his pile of brush and reeds, the makeshift bed on which he slept each night. He tried to sleep but kept thinking of the men and women just a few hundred feet away, suffering horribly. This gave him an erection again, and though he tried to adjust his thoughts, they kept returning to the vision of Avra hanging upside down, arms and legs spread, hair barely brushing the dirt below, the flesh sagging slightly in the wrong direction.

The roman soldiers made noise as well, tramping about, taking food where they found it and making a camp nearby. At one point he heard the scream of a young woman, quickly muffled and then silence.

At last Fellatio rose and pulled on his rough cloth tunic. He didn't know quite what he was going to do, but he went to the corner of his hut and dug just below a small scratch on the wall. A few inches through the packed dirt and he found the bag of silver he had stored there a few months before. His life savings; or rather, it would have been his savings had he earned it. He had actually taken it from a man that had died on the road when his cart and gone out of control and run over him. The man had no more use for it, and now Fellatio did.

Shuffling down the main path of the village, avoiding being seen by keeping to shadows, he reached the small clearing where the cart track entered the village and saw torches lighting the execution area. A number of soldiers were posted around the suffering villagers. They were playing games, rolling dice and drinking wine they had stolen from the wine merchant in town. The centurion stood when he saw Fellatio approaching, and stood with a quirky smile.

"Come to see your friends die slowly? Or perhaps you have family? Is this one your sister?" The centurion gestured at Cunnilingus. The young girl heaved her small breasts as she gasped for air and lifted her head to see Fellatio. Her pretty eyes seemed to beg Fellatio for something, anything, that might stop her suffering.

"Sir..." Fellatio began speaking respectfully, hoping he wasn't doing anything that would get him killed. "Sir... This girl here, " he pointed at Avra, "she is my... wife... or was to be my wife... soon... but we never consummated..."

"Well, boy, I guess you never will. The old man there will die before daylight, and your girl, well, she hasn't been nailed and might last until tomorrow's nightfall. But that's it. She isn't coming down until she is dead and rotting. Like I say, you can always join her if you want." The centurion smiled viciously.

Fellatio was terrified, but he had come this far, so he finished. "Sir, I know that her life will be gone soon. But I have, well. Never been inside a woman. I was hoping you would allow me to enter her body, to be one with her..."

"HA! The boy wants to fuck his girlfriend one last time! You have some gall! Coming here-- what a pervert! I think we really do need to hang you up as an example!" The centurion was speaking more loudly and laughing.

"I have... silver..." Fellatio said.

The centurion stopped for a moment and looked down at the young man. Fellatio stood shaking until finally the centurion barked out, "Give it to me then!"

Fellation reached into the back under his belt and pulled out the silver. There were 10 pieces in all. He handed them over.

"I won't take her down. Do as you will to her body, and make it good. We are going to be watching!" The centurion smiled and gestured toward the other soldiers who were looking to see what the commotion was.

Fellatio almost ran at this, but his erection had not waned and his blood was boiling at the sight of Avra hanging upside down before him in the firelight. Her hands were in the shape of claws, fixed, black and unmoving. The muscles on her body stood out and twitched as she writhed slightly, trying to adjust but finding no position that relieved her pain.  Her face was bright red and there were marks of drool and tears over her cheeks and forehead. She gasped for breath.

As Fellation observed Avra, he thought her more beautiful than he had ever imagined. Her body was stretched taught, muscles standing out, breasts sagging up toward her head, nipples dark in the firelight. Her stomach pulsed in and out as she strained to breathe. The curves of her skin glistened with sweat which trickled slowly, so slowly... And her private sex, there between her legs, open and right in front of him to view. He approached her, undoing the rope around his tunic.


It was an ongoing amazement to Avra that her head had not exploded. The pressure had built when she was first turned upside down and her field of vision had turned red. The pressure didn't subside; her head pulsed and pounded with each beat of her heart.

In spite of the ongoing piercing agony of her hands, feet, back, shoulders and head, she remained remarkably clear of thought and aware of her surroundings. She was acutely aware when the remains of her tunic had been ripped from her body and she had been exposed to the entire village and the soldiers. That was the point at which she began wishing she could die. Not only was the pain horrendous, but the humiliation of being hung naked on display along the town road was more than she could bear.

Time dragged on. The pain intensified. The agony wasn't just physical, it was knowing there was absolutely nothing she could do to relieve it. She tried to struggle some, even trying to lift herself on the cross, but that proved impossible. She saw Lustra lifting herself painfully up, crying out in agony as the nails dug and pulled inside her arms, and then sag back down. Directly next to her she was aware that the young mad Anal was also hanging upside down. Avra had always liked Anal. He was handsome. She knew exactly what pain he was in at that very moment.

A period of black haze had just passed and she was clearly aware that it was night time. The road flickered in the light of torches, the soldiers were talking and laughing as she hung upside down. Some watched her suffering for a while, and she even pleaded once with them, begging for any kind of mercy. They simply looked at her exposed body. A few even touched her, feeling her sagging breasts and stroking between her spread legs. She prayed to die again during this time.

It was becoming harder to move.

It began to rain. Her brain didn't accept this, there were no clouds and it was not the season. Yet, she felt the water descending on her face... then she realized that she was urinating on herself. Her body had simply lost control, and she broke out in fresh sobs of humiliation and despair. A pain was growing inside her stomach and chest, making her agony complete and throughout her entire body.

Then she looked and saw feet and legs come before her face, and raising her head slightly, recognized Fellatio. Had he come to help her?
As Fellation approached Avra, he was amazed at just how beautiful she was in her nakedness. Even hanging upside down, twisted slightly and stretched by the ropes, she was a vision of health with smooth skin, undulating curves, and youth. Her breasts were not large but well formed, and sagged slightly toward the ground. Her lovely shoulders were exposed, as her silky brown hair descended to the ground, the tips just brushing the dirt.

His cock was bursting to be free, but first he reached into the folds of his tunic and brought out something special. He knelt before Avra, and said to her in a low voice, "I brought you something. Open your mouth and I will give it to you."

Avra opened her mouth, undoubtedly thinking he was giving her water or some other comfort. As soon as she spread her lips, Fellatio slipped in the round metal ring he had, a piece of old saddle that he had stolen and kept without ever knowing why. He knew now, and the ring fit perfectly, pressing Avra's mouth open and keeping it wide in an "O" of surprise. He ran the two small leather straps attached to the ring around her head and tied it in place. He was ready.

With a sense of urgency Fellatio raised his tunic and exposed his raging erection. Avra saw it in front of her eyes and made a sudden moaning sound. The sound quickly morphed into a choking gurgle and then silence as Fellatio thrust his cock deep into her mouth. He felt the head reach the end of her mouth and press into her throat, which contracted and tried to repel his member; this simply squeezed and massaged the head in the most surprising and delightful way.

Felation grunted involuntarily as he thrust, feeling the soft moist flesh of Avra's mouth. His hand rose and slid over the softness of her breasts, up her body past her ribs, now obvious and exposed because of how her body hung on the cross. He kept thrusting, feeling the inside of Avra, concentrating on every touch, gaining arousal from the sensations of her struggles beneath his hands, which slid further up her body until they reached the ending, the intimacy of her sex between her legs.

The soldiers gathered around, watching from a few feet away as Fellatio fucked Avra's mouth, thrusting in a steady rhythm that was slowing getting faster. His hands were touching, spreading her vaginal lips as well, and all at once two fingers pressed hard inside her. Her whole body jerked and writhed on the cross as he penetrated her. Her stomach and chest heaved, trying to breath between his thrusts, and her hips moved in a horrible parody of sexual arousal.

Finally, Fellatio cried out and thrust deep, shoving his member as deep as it would go, all the way down her throat. His fingers dived deep, deep inside her sex. He shuddered as his penis contracted and spurt semen out of him and into her throat.

The roman soldiers applauded as he finally withdrew. It had been a fine show; they were bored and enjoyed seeing something different.

The crucified girl gasped for air briefly, then vomited out the semen and some of her stomach contents. The slimy liquid poured over her face, entering her nose and covering her eyes, stinging and making it impossible to breathe. Avra shook her head, continuing to gasp between stomach contractions that shoved more slime out over her face and into her nose. Her whole body was shaking, traumatized and unable to cope with the convulsions and the lack of oxygen.


Avra hung upside down and floated in a world of agony. Her arms felt like they were going to rip out of their sockets at any moment; she had cramps that started from her wrists and ran down her arms into her back. Her stomach was heaving, and she was gasping for air. Being upside down and having the blood settling in her brain made her feel dizzy, unreal, as if the world was actually made of pain.

The taste in her mouth was awful. The thing he had inserted remained in her mouth, holding it wide open, even though his hard cock had been removed. She really thought she was going to die right then, for a moment. She couldn't breathe and the world had been turning back. Why hadn't he finished the job? She wanted to die, it was the only way past this horror that was her world.

The feet of the soldiers tramped around in front of her. She turned her head stiffly, trying to blow the liquid vomit from her nostrils and sinuses. Next to her hung Lustra, nailed upright to a wooden cross. What was happening? Fellatio was there, he had finished with her, fouled her body, though her body was nothing but agony right then.

The soldiers had grabbed Fellatio and forced him to kneel in front of Lustra. What were they doing? Lustra's legs were spread wide by the angle of the nails, and Fellatio took hold of the knees and pushed them farther apart, causing the girl to scream in pain. Avra wondered if the nails were more pailful than the dead dull throbbing pain of her hands, deprived of any blood, dying, or perhaps already dead.

Fellatio knelt before Lustra, placing his head between her legs. Avra turned away, she knew what was happening. The soldiers were forcing him to sexually stimulate the other victim while she hung helpless on her cross. Avra let her mind go, insanity flooding in, and she imagined she was floating. Except she had no arms and legs and she was floating in a river filled with vomit, and the acid in the vomit was eating her body slowly... she jerked back to reality.

Lustra was thrusting her thin thighs, rocking her hips to the rhythm of Fellatio's tongue as it slid across her vaginal lips. Avra struggled to pull her arms free once again, though it was useless; and turned her head to watch the display just a few feet away. Was Lustra actually having an orgasm?  Avra's own naked body was shaking from strain, but Lustra's was rocking and thrusting. She cried out. In pain, in pleasure, perhaps both.

Avra continued to have difficulty breathing, and her stomach was nauseous from the pain and shock.


Fellatio stood, having brought the beautiful and buxom Lustra to an orgasm. The soldiers were amazed, and stood slapping him on the back. When he had first been thrust down to service the dying girl, Fellatio was terrified that this would be his last act on earth. But with the aroused bouncing of Lustra's body and her  subsequent orgasm, the soldiers had gained some basic level of respect for him.

Lustra now hung from her cross, unmoving except for her rasping breathing, which was getting slower and slower.

The soldiers dragged Fellatio over to the boy Anal, who was also crucified upside down. His remarkably large member hung limp over his stomach from his parted legs. The soldiers ordered Fellatio to service Anal, just as he had serviced Lustra. Fellatio tried to back away, but was forced forward. It became clear there was nothing he could do except obey.

Taking Anal's cock in one hand, he slipped it slowly into his mouth. It tasted different thank Lustra (like urine), and the sensation of having a man in his mouth was strange, but he knew what to do. Anal was suffering horribly, unable to scream but making small groaning, wheezing noises from below where Fellatio stood sucking on the victim's cock. After a minute, he could tell the cock was growing hard in his mouth. He kept going, feeling it grow harder and harder.

To the side, the centurion had approached Cunnilingus, who was crucified in an upright position but was low to the ground. the centurion exposed his large cock and positioned himself just below her spread legs and then shoved up as hard as he could. His cock plunged deep inside the young cunt, and as it did, the young victim screamed, loud and for so long that she ran out of air and the scream just faded.

As Fellatio sucked Anal's cock, feeling it become rock hard as it slid in and out of his mouth, he watched as the centurion thrust up into Cunnilingus, bouncing her body up and down on the cross. Each thrust caused the nails in her wrists to jerk and scrape the tendons and bone, tearing muscles and flesh. Cunnilingus, the youngest and prettiest of the whole lot, was quickly deflowered and reduced to a screaming frenzy.

Just as Fellatio felt Anal begin to thrust his hips, forcing his cock deeper into Fellatio's throat, the centurion grunted and thrust hard, lifting Cunnilingus up on his hips as he jerked his sperm into her cunt. When he was done, he withdrew and the body of poor Cunnilingus dropped down like a rock, jerking to a halt when her arms stretched to their maximum. Cunnilingus screamed for a moment and then fainted, her head sagging, legs spread, semen slowly dripping and drooling down her inner thigh.

Anal groaned in pain and then unleashed a load of semen into Fellatio's mouth. It came so suddenly Fellatio was unprepared and the slimy body fluid made him choke. He withdrew coughing, and the soldiers surrounded him, demanding he open his mouth. They verified it was full of semen, which they instructed Fellatio to swallow.


The centurion sat next to the fire and drank the last of the wine before retiring to sleep. It had been a good day. The town had been taken and the example execution was going well. Seven hung dying on crosses... well, six; the old man was dead already. And there had been some good games that night. That disgusting perverted villager boy had helped raise the mood of the men. He was also pleased with the choice of those hanging on the crosses. All except the old man were good, strong, young bodies. The women looked beautiful stretched out as they were, exposed for all. It was also a pleasure to see the men suffering, slowing watching the life drain out of them.

He looked over at the girl they had hung upside down. She was a good one; he should have taken her for a slave. Oh well, too late. She was almost dead now, and her hands and feet were black and dead from the tourniquet tie that held her to the wood frame of the cross. Her breathing was labored, which was also pleasant to watch; seeing a woman's breasts rise and fall painfully, her stomach expanding and contracting to draw in breath as best she could.

He watched as her body shook for a moment, and then was still. The inverted position killed her faster than the others. It was just as well, she was a pretty one and he was glad she suffered no more.